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{{Item Table|Name|Name|Name|Name|Name|...}}

{{Item Table|Caption=caption|Name|Name|Name|Name|...}}

{{Item Table
 | Name
 | Name
 | Name
 | Name
 | Name


Displays a list of icons and tooltip links three across for up to 33 items. An optional caption can be displayed. If more than 33 are needed, just add a second Item Table and leave out the caption. Link text will not wrap below icons, only to the side.

Naming Conventions are enforced and icon images must follow the format Name Icon.png (case sensitive).

For example:

{{Item Table|Caption=Rewards|Bonecrunch's Hammer|Burnja's Board with Nails|Drudge Scrying Orb|Protective Drudge Charm|Scroll of Flame Chain}}

displays as:

Bonecrunch's Hammer Icon Bonecrunch's HammerBurnja's Board with Nails Icon Burnja's Board with NailsDrudge Scrying Orb Icon Drudge Scrying OrbProtective Drudge Charm Icon Protective Drudge CharmScroll of Flame Chain Icon Scroll of Flame Chain
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