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{{Spell List Header
 |      School = <School>
 | Spell Words = <Spell Words>
 | <Optional Comment>
 | <Optional Comment>
 | <Optional Comment>

{{Spell List Header
 |      School = 
 | Spell Words = 


Used at the top of Category:Spell List pages. Displays an image, a table of contents, spell words, stacking/override information, and up to three optional notes. Use "Creature", "Item", "Life", or "War" for school, if not specified a default image will be used.

The image will link to that school's skill page and the page will automatically be categorized as that school and as a Spell List.

For example:

{{Spell List Header
 |      School = Creature
 | Spell Words = Equin Casith
 | Useful for landing yields.

displays as:

Spell List Creature Magic.png  
  • Spell Words: Equin Casith
  • Spells within a group will override spells in the same group with the same or lower difficulty.
  • Spells in different groups will stack with each other.
  • Type refers to whether a spell is player castable ( Learnable Spell Icon.png ), player castable but retired ( Retired Spell Icon.png ), player usable but only on items ( Item Only Spell Icon.png ), only used by creatures ( Creature Only Spell Icon.png ), or unknown/not in game ( This spell needs classification or is not yet available in game. ).
  • Useful for landing yields.


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