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Level: Any
Rec. Level: 50
Type: Solo
Starts At: Marae Lassel Plateau
Route: Timaru
Repeat: 20 Hours


This is an optional side quest of the Olthoi Queen that gives items redeemable for one point in a particular skill (essentially being an experience reward equal to the cost of the next point in that skill). After the fifth and final bell has been handed, progressive olthoi spawns begin to appear across the entire Marae Lassel Plateau. There are five regions and each is independent of the other. These regions remain active until all stages have been advanced and the tesserae bearing Olthoi Brood Nobles killed or when the Queen is killed.

  • There is a maximum of 5 Tessera allowed per character.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Hand in the five Pyreal Bells as described in the Olthoi Queen quest.
  2. After the final bell has been handed, the five regions of Marae Lassel Plateau start spawning swarm olthoi. These are named the same as normal olthoi but have higher stats. The spawns are progressive, meaning that in each region there is a random olthoi (cannot tell which one until killed) that will give a local on death and cause all current spawn in that region to disappear and be replaced by new higher level spawn.
  3. The first random olthoi will be a Soldier, the next an Eviscerator, the next an Olthoi Noble, and finally the Olthoi Brood Nobles will spawn. Most people believe there are two tessera bearing broods per region, though some people believe there are three or even four.
  4. If the queen dies while hunting broods, landblocks with players in them will continue to have spawn, but once they have been killed (or the landblock is left for a few minutes) it will reset to its normal non-swarm status.
  5. Turn the tesserae in to Aun Hareltah in Timaru for one point in that skill. It is in your interest to have a high point cost, characters can turn in a maximum of five (5) tesserae. There is also a two week timer to hand in each tessera (so it would take two months to hand in all five). Also you cannot use a tessera for a skill that has been untrained in the past two weeks.

Alchemy Tessera Icon Alchemy TesseraArcane Lore Tessera Icon Arcane Lore TesseraArmor Tinkering Tessera Icon Armor Tinkering TesseraCooking Tessera Icon Cooking TesseraCreature Assessment Tessera Icon Creature Assessment TesseraCreature Enchantment Tessera Icon Creature Enchantment TesseraDeception Tessera Icon Deception TesseraDirty Fighting Tessera Icon Dirty Fighting TesseraDual Wield Tessera Icon Dual Wield TesseraFinesse Weapons Tessera Icon Finesse Weapons TesseraFletching Tessera Icon Fletching TesseraHealing Tessera Icon Healing TesseraItem Enchantment Tessera Icon Item Enchantment TesseraItem Tinkering Tessera Icon Item Tinkering TesseraJump Tessera Icon Jump TesseraLeadership Tessera Icon Leadership TesseraLife Magic Tessera Icon Life Magic TesseraLight Weapons Tessera Icon Light Weapons Tessera

Lockpick Tessera Icon Lockpick TesseraLoyalty Tessera Icon Loyalty TesseraHeavy Weapons Tessera Icon Heavy Weapons TesseraMagic Defense Tessera Icon Magic Defense TesseraMagic Item Tinkering Tessera Icon Magic Item Tinkering TesseraMana Conversion Tessera Icon Mana Conversion TesseraMelee Defense Tessera Icon Melee Defense TesseraMissile Defense Tessera Icon Missile Defense TesseraMissile Weapons Tessera Icon Missile Weapons TesseraPerson Assessment Tessera Icon Person Assessment TesseraRecklessness Tessera Icon Recklessness TesseraRun Tessera Icon Run TesseraShield Tessera Icon Shield TesseraSneak Attack Tessera Icon Sneak Attack TesseraTwo Handed Combat Tessera Icon Two Handed Combat TesseraVoid Magic Tessera Icon Void Magic TesseraWar Magic Tessera Icon War Magic TesseraWeapon Tinkering Tessera Icon Weapon Tinkering Tessera

Dungeons & Maps[]

No quest dungeons.



  • XP required for 1 point of skill at any level.


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Handing in [Skill Name] Tessera[]

You give Aun Hareltah War Magic Tessera
Aun Hareltah turns the tessera over in his hands, and nods briefly
Aun Hareltah tells you, "It is well. I grant you knowledge.
He lightly taps your forehead
You have gained a point of War Magic skill!
Aun Hareltah tells you, "Now meditate on what you have learned. If you receive another, return no sooner than two weeks from now.

Update History[]

Dark Majesty (expansion)

  • Quest introduced.

Through Sacrifice, Strength

  • 2 week timer for handing in Tesserae added.

Master of Arms

  • Retired weapon skill Tessera replaced with the new skills.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days per Tessera (5 max per character) to 20 hours per Tessera.