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Tethana's Price
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
Although I freely acknowledge that what the Viamontians did to Commander Kurth was abhorrent, you have little to be proud of yourself. Men under my command die daily in defense against an enemy that you seem to have forgotten in lieu of your war with the Viamontians. When Elysa remembers that there is a war being waged here and sends us reinforcements, we may remember our oath of fealty.

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You seek to claim Fort Tethana as your own, yet we stand alone against the Renegade forces which have long besieged our walls. If you truly desire Tethana's allegiance, you will supply us with the reinforcements we so desperately need.


You give Arwyth Margyle The Queen's Missive.

Arwyth Margyle tells you, "I tire of supposed "diplomats" who think that their own desires are more important than the needs of a tired fortress beseiged on all sides by enemies."

Lieutenant Commander Margyle appraises you with a steady eye, then nods.

Arwyth Margyle tells you, "I do not think you are of the same cloth as them. I have a letter prepared. I trust you to deliver it to whoever you feel is most likely to aid Fort Tethana, be they a Queen...or a King. Let them send men to reinforce us, and then perchance we will consider alliance."

Arwyth Margyle gives you Tethana's Price.

You give Jin Ghao Tethana's Price.

Jin Ghao tells you, "They make demands of the Queen? Their allegiance is not theirs to barter!"

Jin Ghao tells you, "I apologize. I should not raise my voice to you. You have done your Queen a great service. Take your reward and go."

You've earned 5,300,000 experience.

Jin Ghao gives you Blade of the Realm.

You must wait 20h to complete this quest again.

You give Grand Knight Tethana's Price.

Grand Knight tells you, "So, you are the Lieutenant Commander's messenger, are you? You have certainly done her a great service. The King will welcome this information."

Grand Knight tells you, "Now, if you would truly be of service, get back out there and fight. A land at war is a glorious land indeed!"

You've earned 7,500,000 experience.

Grand Knight gives you Renlen's Grace.

You must wait 20h to complete this quest again.

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