Introduced:  Down Twisting Paths Related Quests:  The Dark Spiral Quest
Tethana Manifesto
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 5,000
  • Burden: 25
  • Spells: Will of the People
  • If this item is hooked, it may be used to cast Will of the People, a Self spell which stacks with normal spells.
  • The people of Tethana resolve the following: That the relationship between a monarch and their vassals is one of obligation for both parties; That upon the inability of one party to fulfill their obligation, the other party may terminate their obligation and not be considered forsworn; That the chief duty of a leader is to protect and nurture all people within their domain; That the chief duty of a follower is to give obedience to their leader; That a follower is obligated, should the leader be unable to perform their duty, to break from their leader and to establish a new leader. -Arwyth Margyle
Tethana Manifesto Live

Tethana Manifesto


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