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The Crystal Staff of the A'nekshay
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Bemeth the Gatherer
Starts At: Encampment near Neftet at 22.2S, 6.1E
Route: Run east from Yaraq or use City of Neftet Recall.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Ancient Tablet of the Crystal Staff


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Go to the 21.0S, 7.5E - Ancient Portal.
  2. Make your way to through the dungeon to the Altar of the Red Crystal and use the altar to flag for the kill task.
    • After a small section with rooms, jump over to the other side with another section of rooms. If you fall down, portals called "Catacombs" will portal you back to the beginning.
  3. Begin killing the Ancient Incendiary Guardians inside. Once you have killed 20 Ancient Incendiary Guardians and then use the Altar of the Red Crystal inside the dungeon to receive the Staff of Red Crystal.
  4. Return the Staff to Bemeth the Gatherer.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Ancient Portal 21.0S, 7.5E -- --


Experience: 25,000,000 (Fixed)
Luminance: 3,000


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Opening Dialog

Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "Greetings, traveler. I am Bemeth the Gatherer, archivist of the great temple."
Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "In ancient days we crafted artifacts from four great crystals that fell from the sky."
Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "These were hidden away in Catacombs under the sands, and the tablets to reveal them were scattered in the Geresh'n Wars."
Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "If you find these tablets and retrieve our crystal artifacts you may return them to me for a reward."
Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "I will return them to our temple where they belong."

Rewards Dialog

You allow Bemeth the Gatherer to examine your Staff of Red Crystal.
You hand over all of your Staff of Red Crystals.
Bemeth the Gatherer tells you, "You have found one of the ancient staves! Thank you, traveler. These artifacts will aid our rituals as they did in the old days!"
You've earned 25,000,000 experience.
You've earned 3,000 Luminance.
Bemeth the Gatherer gives you Aged Legendary Key.
Bemeth the Gatherer gives you A'nekshay Token.

Other Interactions

You use the writings of the ancient tablet to open this portal.
You decipher the hierglyphs using the writings and instructions from the ancient tablet.
The writings say "Prove yourself by defeating 20 guardians within these catacombs."
Sensing you have completed its test, the altar opens and a crystal staff is revealed.
Altar of the Red Crystal gives you Staff of Red Crystal.

Update History

Lost City of Neftet

  • Quest introduced.

Balance of Power

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