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Shard of Commander Kurth's Armor Icon Shard of Commander Kurth's ArmorSliver of the Sword Heartbreaker Icon Sliver of the Sword HeartbreakerCorpse of Antius Blackmoor Icon Corpse of Antius BlackmoorBier of Antius Blackmoor Icon Bier of Antius Blackmoor
Blackmoor Plate Coat Icon Blackmoor Plate CoatBlackmoor Plate Leggings Icon Blackmoor Plate LeggingsBlackmoor Helm Icon Blackmoor Helm


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From the many Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, and Sho towns which dot Dereth, the sound of town criers making an announcement can be heard:

"People of Dereth - if you would help fight the Viamontian invaders, come to Holtburg, where Antius Blackmoor, seneschal to Her Majesty Queen Elysa, is currently organizing an expedition to protect Glenden Wood from the invaders who have so cruelly sacked it!"

"Although all are welcome, only those who have achieved the eightieth level of experience will be able to proceed very far into the mission."

"Move swiftly if you wish to aid your country - Antius will depart within fifteen minutes from now."

Chat log of the event on the Leafcull server

Antius Blackmoor says, "Have you come to help take back Glenden Wood from the Viamontians?"

Antius Blackmoor says, "Perhaps after we retake Glenden Wood, we shall see to those camps. We have much to do before the Viamontian scourge is removed from our lands."

You say, "Hail, Antius"

Antius Blackmoor says, "Greetings, Vici."

Antius Blackmoor says, "That is the spirit, Alchanar and Vici."

Cragstone Colby says, "nice armor"

Cragstone Colby says, "antius"

Cragstone Colby says, "gimme ur armor?"

Antius Blackmoor says, "If you are prepared, please move to the area in front of the casino. I will be running by there before we march forth."

Antius Blackmoor says, "My armor is very dear to me - I cannot give it away."

Antius Blackmoor says, "The casino is down the southern road a ways."

Cragstone Colby says, "antius"

Cragstone Colby says, "how u get to casino?"

Antius Blackmoor says, "You head down the southern road for a little bit and you will see it."

Antius Blackmoor says, "We have about five minutes before we depart. This is a mighty war band - I believe that our enemies will surely fall before us."

Antius Blackmoor says, "The Viamontian cohorts will not stand a chance."

Dark Tyde says, "that sword of lost light isnt that bad"

Antius Blackmoor says, "This sword is dear to me - it is an heirloom I have had for some time."

Antius Blackmoor has gathered his forces.

He departs now for the town of Glenden Wood, to attempt to free it from the Viamontian invaders.

Simulacra says, "what now?"

Antius Blackmoor says, "We head south! For victory!"

Antius Blackmoor says, "Follow me!"

Schugeldson says, "In the name of Asheron!!!"

Dutton says, "Asheron smasheron"

Demorted says, "Don't forget Elyssa Schug :p"

Dutton says, "In the name of Dutton!"

Simulacra says, "In the name of Baelzhron!"

Simulacra says, "err I mean.."

Simulacra says, "forget I said that..."

Antius Blackmoor says, "We are not headed for Glenden Wood itself, but rather an outpost on the outskirts."

Antius Blackmoor says, "Well done!"

Cragstone Colby says, "well we just murdered the front line"

Antius Blackmoor says, "This way!"

Antius Blackmoor says, "There! More of them!"

Antius Blackmoor is entering the North Glenden Prison at 31.8N, 25.5E with an armed group in an attempt to retake Glenden Wood.

Antius Blackmoor says, "We are here. I have it on good authority that the invasion force came out from the prison, after excavating a deeper training chamber."

Antius Blackmoor says, "We will counter-attack the invasion by infiltrating this prison and rendering the chamber unfit for Viamontian use. There is an office which serves as a link between the prison and the training chamber."

Antius Blackmoor says, "Once we arrive at the office at the bottom, I have a gem which can be used to open a portal."

Antius Blackmoor says, "Once the portal is open, we will all rush through and defeat the leaders of this army. Without a general, the army will either fall apart or become demoralized enough that we should be able to easily beat them back."

Antius Blackmoor says, "But for now, let us win back our homelands from the Viamontians."

Antius Blackmoor prays.

Antius Blackmoor says, "The portal should open soon..."

Antius Blackmoor says, "We have done an effective job of holding the enemy at bay. I am proud to fight alongside such stalwart individuals."

Antius Blackmoor says, "If there are repercussions, I will be sure to make it clear that it was my guidance which led you all down this path, and that you are blameless."

Antius Blackmoor has begun to open a portal from the bottom of the North Glenden Prison into what appears to be the main headquarters of the Viamontians in the Glenden Wood area.

Antius Blackmoor looks around the room with a grim satisfaction.

Antius Blackmoor says, "This matches the description I was given by my agent."

Antius Blackmoor says, "Must...focus..."

Antius Blackmoor says, "Kurth! You blackguard...I almost feel pity for you."

Antius Blackmoor says, "You are not even human anymore, are you?"

Antius Blackmoor readies himself to fight.

Antius Blackmoor says, "What has Varicci done to you? Has the price of treachery truly been so great?"

Antius Blackmoor says, "I must slay you now. I do not think that you have any lucidity left...wait."

Antius Blackmoor says, "What is that weapon in your hand? I can feel its... coldness...even from here. What manner of foul ritual is that?

Antius Blackmoor says, "Now I must slay you for two reason - to punish your treason, and to ensure that your sword is never used against the free people of Dereth."

Commander Jared Kurth tears Antius Blackmoor to ribbons!

Viamontian Inquisitor says, "Good. We have accomplished our primary aim. Now let us slay all the bloodless witnesses...let them report what they have seen from their lifestones!"

Commander Jared Kurth's sword pulses red as it sinks into Antius Blackmoor's heart. The sword explodes in a blinding flash as Antius falls, slain.

Commander Jared Kurth raises his arms in a ritual of bestial triumph, snarling at the observers of this struggle, daring them to assault him.

Antius Blackmoor's corpse looks very pallid on the floor...there is not evidence that he has returned to his lifestone at all.

In a hidden room beneath the North Glenden Prison, Commander Jared Kurth's armor shatters under the blows he has received from his enemies. He howls in anger, then in pain. Kurth finally falls with a thundering crash, dead.

The body of Antius Blackmoor is now lying in state in the Yanshi Allegiance Hall. Mourners may pay their respects to the fallen seneschal of Queen Elysa.


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