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  • First ingame event for Asheron's Call after it was released.
  • Could be completed as soon as the update Sudden Season went live.
  • The story behind the event was Sir Joffrey Tremblant and his party had gone to discover the source of the "sudden chill" that had caused the world to go cold. The cause was later found to be the Gelidites who were using a fragment of the Hopeslayer's crystal prison, named The Great Work, to draw heat from the world.
  • First hints were given by Town Criers (see dialog).
  • Other notes about the group were found in the libraries at Cragstone, Hebian-To, and Zaikhal (see items below).
  • The rest of the event played out much the same way as the current Frore quest, except there were multiple boss creatures.
  • Sir Joffre was now powerful Undead creature which dropped Tremblant's Ivory Staff, a unique one-per-server reward.
  • The Great Work dropped a Crystal Device which could be combined with the Shattered Key given by the planar mage Mairisa bint Fuda, to create a Gelidite Treasure Key. The key was used to unlock a chest containing Gelidite's treasures and very good loot items for the time.

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Quest Items
Seal Icon SealText Icon Parchment Hasty Note (Bandit Castle)Text Icon Parchment Brief NoteText Icon Parchment Quick NoteBandit Rune Transcription Icon Bandit Rune TranscriptionNeydisa Rune Transcription Icon Neydisa Rune TranscriptionStonehold Rune Transcription Icon Stonehold Rune TranscriptionPartial Rune Transcription Icon Partial Rune TranscriptionComplete Rune Transcription Icon Complete Rune TranscriptionText Icon Scroll Gelidite Standing Stone TranslationShattered Key Icon Shattered KeyCrystal Device Icon Crystal DeviceGelidite Treasure Key Icon Gelidite Treasure KeyText Icon Book An Ancient BookText Icon Book An Old BookText Icon Book The Book of MineshText Icon Book Our Great WorkKey of Frore (Upper) Icon Key of Frore (Upper)Key of Frore (Lower) Icon Key of Frore (Lower)
Gelidite Robe-Sudden Season Icon Gelidite Robe/Sudden SeasonHammer of Frore-Sudden Season Icon Hammer of Frore/Sudden SeasonIce Heaume of Frore-Sudden Season Icon Ice Heaume of Frore/Sudden SeasonTremblant's Ivory Staff-Sudden Season Icon Tremblant's Ivory Staff/Sudden Season



Town Crier Rumors (Sudden Season)

Town Crier tells you, "Sir Joffre Tremblant's adventuring party has gone missing. The group was last seen heading north from Arwic."

Town Crier tells you, "Some people claim that the sun has grown slightly dimmer, but no one has confirmed this for sure. Some say it has contributed to the sudden chill."

Town Crier Rumors (Dark Thaw)

Town Crier tells you, "Bold adventurers have slain the leaders of the Gelidite Cult! The ancient corpses of the undead Lords Frisander, Fenngar, Ferundi, and Frisirth now lie broken in the halls of the Lost City of Frore."

Town Crier tells you, "The Great Work of the Gelidite Cult has been shattered by intrepid explorers! With this fiendish magical artifact destroyed, the world has warmed again, and the snows have receded."

Inside the Great Work's chamber

The volcanic heat burns you for 30 points of damage!

Combining the Crystal Device and Shattered Key

The Crystal Device seems to warp as you bring it close to the Shattered Key. Tendrils of living crystal stretch forth to grasp the iron and pull it close, forming a single key, half black, cold iron and half pale, warm gemstone

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