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The Mage Academy
Level: 150
Type: Solo
Starts With: Tazal al-Ashfai
Starts At: 6.1N, 3.5E near Al-Jalima
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Mage Academy


"Search the Mage Academy for Lady Jaera's Tomb."

  • This quest involves quite a bit of lever pulling; however, there is currently a shortcut to skip them.
  • Lockpick skill is needed for some of the keyless locked doors inside the academy. If your skill is high enough, you could also skip part 2a where get the Stone/Old keys to unlock the 500 and 750 difficulty doors.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: The Burial Temple

  1. He will ask you to go to the Burial Temple nearby at 8.5N, 6.0E and retrieve a black gem for him from the creature known as Kelannik.
  2. When inside the temple, take the east passage and jump down. Now head to the end of the corridor and through a false wall. At the intersection head straight on through a room with Skeletons and at the T junction take a right.
  3. In the next room go left and around to a lever, use it and then take the north passage continuing on through two rooms - take the first left down the ramp and open the door. You will come to another door that is now open, inside this room is Lord Kelannik and his two guards.
    • NOTE: Respawn in this room is ~5–10 minutes if doing this in a group (seems like a randomized time).
  4. Defeat Kelannik and loot the Black Gem and Cursed Key. Take the exit portal just outside the room and run back to Tazal al-Ashfai.
  5. Hand Tazal the Black Gem for experience and he will attempt to summon the portal Kelannik uses...

Part 2: The Mage Academy

Part 2a: Levers 1 - 4 (Stone Key/Old Key)

  1. From the drop room make a mental note of the lever to your right for later and head down the ramp hugging the left wall. You need to take the third turn off to the east on level 6 (see map).
  2. You should come to a room with an Empyrean Statue and Masonry Golem behind a lever activated door.
  3. Leave this area and turn right heading southwest and then turn left at the T into a room with Zefirs. Kill the Xekrit Zefir Guardian for the Stone Key.
  4. Now head west down the hall to the room opposite with 3 levers. Hit the wall levers only (center lever #3 releases the Masonry Golem) and run back (left wall hug) to the ramp and up to the portal drop room to pull that lever you saw earlier.
  5. Now head down again, but this time take the second turn off to the west (level 4) and through the floor plate activated door. Take a right and then left into the corridor and joining room.
  6. Kill the Banderling Smashers here and loot the corpses until you find the Old Key.

Part 2b: Lever 5 and the Sewers

  1. Now you have the old key, run back to the ramp and head down and and unlock the wooden door for lever 4 (lvl 8 on the map).
    • Note| There are locked metal doors on either end of the corridor opposite this lever. The next lever (5) opens the large metal sewer doors in the room beyond.
  2. Pull the lever and run back up the ramp to the third turn off with the Banderling Smasher. Turn right and then left and unlock the door (750 diff.) using the old key.
  3. Inside the next room is a gate that requires lockpicking and the door you just opened beyond that with the lever to door 5.
  4. Pull the lever and run back down the ramp to the metal doors on the bottom floor. Unlock one of the them and head into the sewer area.
  5. Head east at the junction around to a locked metal door on your left. Use the Cursed Key to open it.
  6. Go up the ramp and stick to the path ignoring all the smaller side rooms. You will cross bridges that pass through a number of areas, hop from the final ledge into the east passage and then jump down into a room with a surface portal and Zombie Mage.
  7. Here you find the library where Rytheran's Apprentice awaits. Defeat him and take Rytheran's Key and Sheets of Paper for translation. Now you have Rytheran's Key you need to make your way to Lady Jaera's Tomb.
  8. Use the surface portal and reenter the academy, go back to the room with the statue and the golem behind a lever door (third room down). Go south east and hug the left wall until you reach a room with pillars and a Black Coral Golem guarding a door.
  9. Kill the Golem and use the Stone Key on the door. There are lightning traps in this room, dispatch the two Golems here.
  10. Use Rytheran's Key on Lady Jaera's Tomb and loot Lady Jaera's Wand.
  11. Bring the wand to Tazal al-Ashfai for the rest of the rewards.

Short Version

  1. Skip part 1 with the Burial Temple for the 99 million xp and make your way straight to the Mage Academy.
  2. Jump up where it says "You may jump on monsters then on bridge from here" on the map to bypass the lever pulling and the majority of the quest.
  3. Jump across south and then down past the portal, kill Rytheran's Apprentice and loot Rytheran's key.
  4. Kill the Xekrit Zefir Guardian for the Stone Key if you don't have lockpick (door is diff. 500), and unlock the door to the tomb room.
  5. Use Rytheran's Key on Lady Jaera's Tomb and loot Lady Jaera's Wand.
  6. Bring the wand to Tazal al-Ashfai for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Burial Temple 8.5N, 6.0E -- 013E
Mage Academy 74.7N, 18.5E -- 0139


Hand in Black Gem
Experience: 99,000,000 (15% up to level 182)
Hand in Lady Jaera's Wand
Experience: 172,500,000 (26?% up to level 182?)



Opening Dialog

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "Hail, traveler. It is pleasant to meet anyone here in the wastes. Tell me, have you discovered a crypt in these regions called the Burial Temple?"

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "I have heard that the dead walk there, and one in particular always carries a certain black gem I seek for my research."

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "Through my studies, I have found that the dreadful creature is named Kelannik."

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "Please retrieve this gem and return it to me. Your courage will not go unrewarded."
Handing in Black Gem

You give Tazal al-Ashfai Black Gem.

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "Wonderful! Can you see the portal energy pulsing within it?"

You've earned 99,000,000 experience.

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "No doubt you have seen and experienced much on this adventure!"

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "I have heard stories that the ancient dead of Dereth talk to each other as we do, and form a society underneath our own..."

Tazal al-Ashfai says, "Let us see where this Kelannik fellow liked to travel."

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "Why, I do believe that this portal leads to the Mage Academy! Beware young traveler, this place is not for the faint of heart..."
Handing in Lady Jaera's Wand

You give Tazal al-Ashfai Lady Jaera's Wand.

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "What a magnificent artifact to behold. I thought this item was destroyed ages ago."

Tazal al-Ashfai tells you, "I must reward you greatly for this surprise gift!"

You've earned 172,500,000 experience.

Tazal al-Ashfai gives you Braced Mana Forge Key.

Tazal al-Ashfai gives you 10 Trade Notes (250,000).
Handing in "Sheets of Paper" to Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator

You give Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator Sheets of Paper.

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "Indeed, this is the runic script of old Dericost, a language not used in well over 5000 years... Save for this letter, which looks newly written..."

Kuyiza bint Zayi looks slightly troubled.

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "This was found on Rytheran's Apprentice? It seems Rytheran is up to something involving that ancient graveyard and some book that was powerful enough to scare even the ancient Dericost into not using it."

Kuyiza bint Zayi shudders

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "Here, see for yourself."

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator gives you Rytheran's Letter.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

A Small Victory

Ancient Enemies

From Darkness, Light

  • 150+ quest restriction added.
  • Burial Temple updated.
  • Mage Academy updated.
  • Lady Jaera's Wand added to her tomb (no longer generates tier 4 loot).
  • XP reward of 115,000,000 and Braced Mana Forge Key reward added for wand.
  • XP reward for Black Gem increased from 118,000 to 66,000,000.

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward for Black Gem increased from 66,000,000 to 99,000,000.
  • XP reward for Lady Jaera's Wand increased from 115,000,000 to 172,500,000.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Quest timer for Lady Jaera's Wand changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
  • Quest timers for Rytheran's Key and Black Gem changed from 6 days to 20 hours.

Shattered Masks

  • MMD reward added.
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