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The Song of Grael
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  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 100
  • 6 of 6 pages full.
  • A Translation of the Song of Grael.

Grael was once a Spear of the Mukkir
He was a Blood-Warrior of Chief Daemal
His arm was the strongest of the Blood-Warriors
His beads of victory were many
He took many wives and many slaves
He fought at the Chief's left hand as they sang songs of rage

Grael failed Chief Daemal
The Shining Ones from the south attacked the Mukkir
Chief Daemal led the Blood-Warriors to battle
Grael was overwhelmed by sorcerous light
He failed to protect the back of his Chief
He saw his Chief fall, singing a song of rage

Grael became a prisoner of the Shining Ones
In their Great Circle, his war became their sport
Every day, he raged for the fall of his Chief
He slew all who came before him
He took their heads and ate their hearts
Every night, among the slaves, he sang songs of rage

Grael took his vengeance upon the Shining Ones
He took their slaves as his Blood-Warriors
His Blood-Warriors killed thousands who came for sport
The blood of the Shining Ones flooded their Great Circle
Grael ate the hearts of his slave-takers
He offered heads to the shade of his chief as he sang songs of rage

Grael fought three days against the Shining Ones
The streets of their city choked on blood
Slaves fought Shining Ones everywhere
The Shining Ones were many and fought with sorcery
The slaves were few and had no sorcery
The slaves fell and Grael fled, singing songs of rage

Grael sought Darkness to fight the Shining Ones
He swore oaths with the Dark that speaks
He spilled blood for the Dark that drinks
He learned to move within the Dark that walks
He learned to devour the light of the Shining Ones
Asleep in the whispering Darkness, he dreams songs of rage

-- Unknown author


You give Edobar the Esoteric Untranslated Song of Grael.

Edobar the Esoteric tells you, "Most interesting! This seems to have come from the perspective of Grael or someone who knew him! I am fascinated. I will share a translation of this account with you. Thank you, brave adventurer!"

You've earned 1,340,000 experience.

Edobar the Esoteric gives you The Song of Grael.

You give Gallatria du Ressetta Untranslated Song of Grael.

Gallatria du Ressetta tells you, "Ah, the Song of Grael. Diverting enough, if your tastes run toward barbarian doggerel. Not the most useful find, but I suppose I must reward you. And here, I will translate it for you as well. Perhaps you will find it educational."

You've earned 1,340,000 experience.

Gallatria du Ressetta gives you The Song of Grael.

You give Ssavish Untranslated Song of Grael.

Ssavish tells you, "At last, the Song of Grael... Mistress will be pleased. I thank you, warmblood. I will translate this text for you and share its knowledge with you."

You've earned 1,340,000 experience.

Ssavish gives you The Song of Grael.