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The Temple of Ixir Zi
Level: 40-69, 70-99, 100
Type: Fellowship
Starts At: Temple of Ixir Zi at 21.7S, 47.7E
Route: Facility Hub to Blackmire Temple portal (45+ section)
Repeat: 20 Hours


Traverse the temple of Ixir Zi, one of the Matriarchs of the Falatacot, for rewards from ages past.

  • This quest has three level ranges: 40-69, 70-99, and 100+.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. When you reach the Temple of Ixir Zi, use the Odd Looking Vine to be teleported into the Temple entrance.
  2. Have one person wait at the southeast door. Two other people will press buttons to open the doors. One person should press the buttons in the main room to let the second person in and out. The second person goes into the adjacent short hall to press the button at the end. The doors stay open for about 5 minutes, so the order isn't important. Each hallway in the middle of each of the four walls of the room must be used.
    • Note: If running multiple fellowships, now is the best time to divide them equally if everyone wishes to receive full rewards. The boss battle must be done separately by each fellowship, so ensure that each group is able to take on the boss.
  3. The person waiting at the southeast door needs to enter and run to the area above the entrance, pick up a Bloodstone Gem, then jump down and hand it to the statue. This will teleport the entire fellowship into Hall of the Temple Guardians, as well as lock the fellowship.
    • Note 1: If running multiple fellowships, one person from each fellowship will need to pick up a Bloodstone.
    • Note 2: If anyone dies during the run before the boss battle, they can return by picking up another Bloodstone and then following the route below. There is a 1 hour timer on picking up the Bloodstone, so the same person can not pick it up repeatedly. Also, at least one other person will need to return to the entrance to retrieve them, as the buttons are very difficult to use solo.
  4. Use the level appropriate Guardian to be teleported to the next section. The left (green) one is for levels 40-69, the middle (yellow) one is for levels 70-99, and the right (red) one is for levels 100+.
  5. Make your way through the dungeon and use the Guardian of the Crypt to be teleported to the Hall of the Arbiter.
  6. Designate one person (preferrably with over 300 health) to do the tasks for this area, as the items cannot be given to others. If running multiple fellowships, one person from each fellowship needs to be designated. The following tasks are their responsibility and should only be done by them|
    • Talk to the Arbiter statue.
    • Talk to the west statue, then run through the halls and avoid the medium-damage Sacrificial Edge spells. Hand the Heart of the Temple to the High Matron Arbiter at the end. Refer to the map for the path through. Run back through the halls to the main room once you have done this.
    • Talk to the north statue, then use the tables to get four Gems of Appeasement. Use the Offering Plate on the gems, and then hand the Offering Plate with Offerings to the statue at the end.
      • Warning: The Tables will cast fellowship debuffs which reduce your Health, Stamina or Mana by half. In addition, they cast harm spells which can do damage greater than 300 and some which can do in the mid-100s, so make sure to take your time getting them if you have a high risk of death. Having the group help heal the designated person helps greatly.
      • Note: In the 40-69 section, these rooms have enemies in them and the group should clear the rooms but touch nothing else. Keep the fellowship(s) in the rooms as long as this section is being done to ensure their safety.
    • Talk to the east statue, then use the Offering Urns to get three Sacrificial Bones. Use the Satchel on the Bones and then hand the Satchel with Offerings to the statue at the end.
    • Talk to the Arbiter statue again. This will teleport the entire fellowship into Matron's Outer Chamber.
      • Note: If running multiple fellowships, only 1 fellowship should talk to the Arbiter at this time. Each fellowship needs to individually beat the upcoming boss in order to get full rewards, so wait until one fellowship has progressed further before the next should talk to the Arbiter.
  7. Make sure everyone is buffed up, then have everyone use the statue to be teleported into the crypt which will be the boss battle room.
  8. Each of the four eyes around the room must be used. They lower all skills by 99% for one minute, and each eye drains some health periodically for several minutes from the person who used it. You can choose one person to use all four, or divide it up among 4 people. If divided between 4 people, wait for the 99% debuff to expire before using the fourth eye. If having one person use them all, make sure to have one or two people continually heal that person at least until the 99% skill debuff expires.
    • On 40-69 and (to a lesser extent) 70-99, it is best to have three people use one eye each and wait for the drains to subside before having someone use the fourth eye.
  9. Shortly after the fourth eye is used, a Matriarch will spawn. Debuff and kill the Matriarch, making sure the person or people who used the eyes remain alive through the battle. Physical damage types are best, and the Matriarch will often fixate upon one person when possible, so using a melee wall is often very useful.
  10. After the Matriarch has been killed, use the north statue to be teleported into the reward room. Clear the room of the Burun. If the Matriarch has been killed quickly enough following the use of any of the eyes, they will continue to drain their targets in the reward room.
  11. Use the Sarcophagus of High Matriarch, Ixir Zi to get the Ancient Armored Vestment, and one other item from around the room for your other reward. Rewards are based on your current level and can vary from others with the same name. The Portal to Kivik Lir's Temple will give you the hookable mansion portal and does count as your 'other' reward.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Blackmire Temple 21.7S - 47.7E -- 6545
Hall of the Temple Guardians Blackmire Temple -- 6547
Hall of the Arbiter Blackmire Temple -- 6546
Crypt of Kixkti Xri Blackmire Temple -- 6545


Main Reward
Additional Reward


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Guardian of the Outer Ward

"Shi Vaik Tukinti ikni likik ki inki Viliakti, av esk ilti?"

The language is guttural and hard. You do not understand what was asked of you, but you know that it was a question. As it speaks again, a vein of understanding spreads through you.

"Jiktani ekta irntrika to the matron of this temple. Prove to Ixir Zi that you are devout followers of the Watcher. Bring me the sacred gem from this room. Only then will I recognize the work of you and your fellows."

"Once you have completed this challenge you will then need to stay amongst your fellows through the remainder of this temple. I shall grant you entrance into the halls of High Matron Ixir Zi's temple, only when you have succeeded. You must gather into groups of equivalent learning. Failure av iakvi."
Handing in Bloodstone

You give Guardian of the Outer Ward Bloodstone.

Your fellowship is now locked. You may not recruit new members. If you leave the fellowship, you have 15 minutes to be recruited back into the fellowship.

"You have proven your knowledge. You shall be allowed within the Temple. But be warned, the mistress sleeps still. Guardians, Wards and defenses against intrusion remain active. If you are true to the Iakvi Liviliakti then you shall reach her crypt. Wake her, shell will welcome you, sister."

"Pray that you have chosen your fellows wisely, for the trials ahead will call upon you stay [sic] amongst them. Faillure at any step will bring death upon you all."

A hollow sounding raspy voice says, "Advance, but know that beyond you shall be tested in cunning, wit and humility."

"Welcome, young initiates. You have found your way beyond the guardians to the Tomb of Ixir Zi. You have done well to reach this point. By the Watcher, you shall awaken the High Matron. But there are still spirits to defeat and still challenges that you must complete to prove your worthiness. Within this very hall lie several such challenges."

"Each must be completed by you and your fellows. Each statue within this hall will explain the challenge that it watches over, and invite you to partake. When you have completed all of the tests, return to me. If you have succeeded, you shall be granted passage into the final resting place of the High Matron. If you have not succeeded, you will be sent from this place."

"There, make your sacrifices to awaken her. Should you fail... then I shall be forced to rid these halls of your presence. Pray to the Iakvi Liviliakti that you do not fail."
Guardian of Fury

A gentle voice muses, "I hold vigil over the test of your acuity and judgment. Of all the trials here this is the hardest. Oly one of your number need navigate the hallways beyond. That one is you. You are chosen"

Guardian of Fury gives you Heart of the Temple.

"Along these halls are spirits and traps that can easily bring about your death. It will be up to your fellows to keep you alive. Be warned there are some traps within this maze that will bring ruin upon your fellows."

"Take care. You search for the High Matron's visage. It is unique amongst the other statues along this hall. When you have found it hand her the heart and you will have completed the first half of your test. The second half is to return here alive."
Handing in Heart of the Temple

You give High Matron Arbiter Heart of the Temple.

"You have proven your cunning in surviving my challenge, now find your way back to your fellows."
Guardian of the Restless Dead

A deep voice resonates, "Beneath my eyes is a test of appeasement. It lies in the hall beyond me. You, are marked. The spirits within this temple are enraged at their mistress's absence. They require certain objects to make them peaceful. You must quell the anger of the spirits by collecting these objects and placing them upon this plate."

Guardian of the Restless Dead gives you Offering Plate.

"Be warned, the spirits are malicious and will strive to hamper you from reaching your goal. You will likely need the aid of your fellows within this hall. You will need to collect four items to complete this task, each can be found through searching the offering tables."

"You will need four gems, each has spiritual energy that the spirits desire. When you have collected them make your way to the statue, place them on the plate I have furnished you and make your offering to the statue. Remember, you will need four such gems."
Handing in Offering Plate with Offerings

You place the gem onto the offering plate.

You give Judge of the Appeasement Offering Plate with Offerings.

"You have quelled the spirits here. You may proceed onward."
Guardian of the Sacrificial Urns

A disembodied voice echoes, "Beyond me lies a test that will challenge the quickness of your mind, and comprehension." There is a long pause.

"You have been chosen to complete the test here. Within this hall are piles that were once offerings to High Matron, Ixir Zi. Long ago they crumbled to dust, but still they serve a purpose. Listen well to this question."

"A Matron, has four servants and six consorts. She must offer the High Matron half of those who server her and half of her partners. Half of the servants that are sent will survive upon return, and each consort that returns will become a servant. How many consorts will the Matron have once her offering is complete?"

"Collect the remains of prior offerings from within this hallway. Place the amount of offerings you believe is the answer inside this satchel."

Guardian of the Sacrificial Urns gives you Satchel.

"Bring the felled satchel to the statue at the end this [sic] hall and it shall judge you. Be warned the spirits of the dead are restless."
Judge of the Sacrifice Satchel

Offering Urn gives you Sacrificial Bones.

You place the bones with the satchel.

You give Judge of the Sacrifice Satchel with Offerings.

An ancient voice booms, "You are worthy! The spirits within this hall are quelled!"
Sarcophagus of High Matriarch

"You have done well. She lies beyond, ever sleeping. Wake her through your sacrifice. She will need the life of four but the rest shall be rewarded."

Guardian of the high Matriarch tells you, "You are one of the strongest forms here and yet you are too weak to awaken Ixir Zi. Still, you have made the journey. Perhaps you shall awaken the Matriarch. Go now! Your frail form will be rewarded!"

As Eye of the Watcher approaches the eye they become pale. A tendril slips into their chest and blood begins to flow from the wound into the eye. A groan erupts from the crypt. "More."

A weak voice sounds from within, "The temple lives again, but I do not control it. The flux is opened!"

You find that the garb placed atop the sarcophagus is intact and take it for yourself.

Sarcophagus of High Matriarch, Ixir Zi gives you Ancient Armored Vestment.

Update History

Across the Vast Divide

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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