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This template only works once you max alchemy, focus and coordination

I decided to make a rough untested template that in theory should work and help negate the -10% melee that Thrown Weapons has when using Bombs as its form of Debuffing.

Str; 30
End; 30
Coord; 100
Quick; 100
Focus; 60
Self; 10

At level 1; Spec: Thrown Weapons, Alchemy, Lore, Melee

Later Train; Healing, Fletching, Item Magic, Mana Conversion. (can pick up creature magic later if having problems getting all the buffs you need and/or can pickup missile defense to help fill in that gap of missing lore items)

Epic in all the elements with 7s in all the elements
Highest base AL you can find that can be tinked and buffed. The better the base stats the better (of course, but its more dependant as thrown weapon user due to the -10% melee)

Train to augment your natural armor rating

Suggested race: Undead(already has alchemy) or gear knight (already has natural resistance augmentation)

This template fills out in the end and takes a challenge to collect all the right pieces of gear...