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Introduced:  Release Updated:  Master of Arms

    Thrown Weapons Icon
Thrown Weapons
Description Helps you use weapons meant for throwing.
Formula Coordination / 2
Base Status Untrained - Trained for free on Lugians, and on Gharu'ndum with changed innate abilities.
Cost to Train 6
Cost to Specialize 6
Buffs Thrown Weapons Mastery (Spell), Coordination (Spell)
Debuffs Thrown Weapons Ineptitude (Spell), Clumsiness (Spell)

Starting Equipment[]


  • Although TW is governed by Coordination, it has a damage modifier based off of Strength.
  • In the Twilight's Gleaming event, certain items that appear in loot - such as pots, bowls and cups - were now able to be wielded and used as throwing weapons.
  • In the The First Strike event, two changes were made:
    • Characters can now wield a shield with standard thrown weapons, e.g. Throwing Daggers, Shoukens or Djarids.
    • The Atlatl was introduced: A projectile launcher that functions like a bow or crossbow, requiring ammunition. Shields cannot be wielded with this type of weapon.
  • In the A Gathering of Colors event, Spikes were introduced.
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