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Thug Hideout
Quests Ries Woron's Story
Restrictions Level: Any
Tieable: No
Recallable: No
Summonable: No
Lifestone on Relog: Yes
Coordinates 49.5S 62.8E
near Baishi
Nearest LS 49.6S, 62.4E
Route Speak to Ries Woron in Baishi.
Map Files: None Available
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  • The first person to speak to Ries will get a timer token and begin a 90 minute timer. If you do not complete the quest before the timer is up the Unknown Warrior at the end will disappear. Therefore be sure your group is ready and all in Baishi before anyone talks.
  • If someone is currently doing the quest, Ries Woron will inform you.
  • Creatures in this dungeon do not respawn once killed.



Human Icon Human

Rat Icon Rat

Items & Objects



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Update History

Old Ghosts

  • Dungeon added (appears as part of timed events).

Picking up the Pieces

  • Dungeon portal now permanent and no longer tied to any timed event.
  • All the lever doors and locked doors are now permanently open.
  • The Thugs are all gone and only a few low level mice and some level 145 rats (identical to the Grave Rats of the Graveyard but look like low level rats) are left in the dungeon.
  • The Second Gate Key is still available in one of the locked chests, however, it is no longer needed to unlock the door.
  • A new area is now found beyond the Throne Room. There are two hallways. The hallway to the left appears to be a dead end with Fiona's Charm found on the floor. The right hallway is very long and exits at the the pit near the entrance to the dungeon.


Cogs in the Machine

  • New section added to dungeon.
  • In the room with Fiona Woron, there are brick wall doors on the east and west sides activated by bookcases in the NE and NW corners of the room.

Gears of Change

  • Dungeon portal removed.
  • You now access the dungeon by speaking to Ries Woron in Baishi on the 2nd floor of the bar at 49.5S 62.8E.
  • The key to the second locked door is now found in a locked chest.
  • The brick wall now opens when all Thugs are killed.
  • The walkways by The Unknown Warrior platform now remains open after attacking and killing him.


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When the dungeon was first introduced, the portal only appeared as part of a timed event. The portal disappeared after the event concluded.

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