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Introduced:  Upping the Ante Related Quests:  Kaurik's Ghost Messenger
Non-Player Killer
Tikreek Live
Race Burun Ruuk
Title Scout
Location Start of Messenger's Sanctuary
Level 153
Strength 210
Endurance 330
Coordination 220
Quickness 350
Focus 140
Self 250
Health 315
Stamina 530
Mana 250


Lore & Dialog[]

Tikreek tells you, "Juruuka. The messenger is in here somewhere, but it teleports away too quickly for us. You will need to hunt it down and catch it carefully. Be aware that this place is heavily trapped - I am not sure what is further in that they feel the need to guard so closely. Of course, what they don't know is that I know a bit of the art of the shaman, and I've trapped their summoning chamber. If you encounter the messenger there, it will be trapped and have to fight you. Good hunting."