Introduced:  Celebration Related Quests:  Reception Games
Top Hat
Top Hat Icon.png
  • Value: 1,200
  • Burden: 100
  • Covers Head
  • Armor Level: 110
  • Slashing: Above Average (143)
  • Piercing: Average (110)
  • Bludgeoning: Average (110)
  • Fire: Below Average (44)
  • Cold: Below Average (44)
  • Acid: Below Average (66)
  • Electric: Below Average (44)
  • Nether: Average (110)
  • A finely crafted Top Hat that can be tailored with other items.

    Workmanship: Priceless (10)


  • Given as reward by the Game Coordinator for finding five or more eggs in the egg hunt game.



  • Note: the following palette is based upon the old, non-updated, Top Hat
Palettes for Top Hat
ACID Name Sample Hex
1102 DesertGold F3BC00
1484 BlueSlate 221A83
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Update History

Filling in the Blanks

  • Icon updated.
  • Dyeable property removed.
  • Old icon: Top Hat (Celebration) Icon.png
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