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Rhethis Eipoth Hyrethis Eipoth

The fifth age of the Yalaini. Torethis Eipoth translates to Second Age of Lore. This era lasted 761 years.[1][2][3]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
TE 1 Yalian

Emperor Caerlin I declares the beginning of the Torethis Eipoth shortly after the entrapment of Bael'Zharon.[1]
The population returns to Aerlinthe, and the forges are reopened. Raina returns to Elancia. Elders from Ithaenc arrive to care for Aurlanaa's abandoned childer. Hare Aralea and his wife Malestra return to their homeland of Elancia. Hare becomes one of Lady Raina's counselors.[4]

TE 2 Yalian

His Most Dignified and Serene Majesty Emperor Caerlin, eighth in the Line of Alaidain, dies from the Soulburn Plague after six months of insanity. He is 773 years old. His son Caerlin II ascends to the Cerulaean Throne, and Clari, Mistress of Elancia and Aerlinthe, becomes Empress of the Thousand Seas. Raina remains the Dowager Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe.[4]

[Editor's Note: The History of Auberean states that Caelin I died in TE 4. For more information, see Continuity - Kellin I and Caerlin I]

TE 8 Yalian

The older forges at Aerlinthe are replaced.[4]

TE 11 Yalian

A daughter, Alhallie, is born to Caerlin and Clari. A Festival Year is declared in Elancia and Aerlinthe.[4]

TE 17 Gromnatross, Yalian

The Return of Grace. The gromnatross come down from the stars. Aurlanaa alights upon her aerie at Cunara. She looks into the eye of Kelderam, a ward of Ithaenc since her early 100's, and considered hopelessly mad. Kelderam is jauniril*, and lapses into unconsciousness. When she awakens, she weeps for a full day, and is afterwards restored in mind and spirit. In her waning years, Kelderam led the Adjanite Order, and was renowned for her wisdom and serenity.
(*Translator's note: By context, “jauniril” would seem to be a verb. I have never encountered this word before, however, and know not what it means. - Bretslef)[4]

TE 101 Yalian

A landquake blocks the navigation channel of Aerlinthe.[4]

TE 218 Yalian

Lady Raina dies in her sleep, at the age of 1013. Clari becomes Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe, making her family's lands Imperial Provinces.[4]

TE 275 Yalian

The legendary traveling entertainer Surinna Thrasyl stops at Aerlinthe.[4]

TE 333 Yalian

The mutilated corpse of the missionary Lady Galaeral of Ithaenc is found off the north shore of Aerlinthe.[4]

TE 334 Yalian

Imperial Inquisitor Lady Alibec arrives to investigate the murder of Galaeral. She uncovers a small group of undead hiding in the bowels of the reservoir, and destroys them. The chamber in which they performed the deed is sealed. The origin and motives of the undead remain unresolved.[4]

TE 413 Yalian

Empress Clari dies in a boating accident at the age of 937. Princess Alhallie becomes Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe.[4]

TE 416 Yalian

Catriae Tamanea's rogue fleet defeats the flotilla at Aerlinthe, and pillages the port. Over twelve million pyreal coins are looted.[4]

TE 422 Yalian

Piteous screams are heard from behind the door Inquisitor Alibec sealed in 334. It is forced open, but the room is empty, and the scene of Galaeral's murder remains as it was when the door was erected. Shrieks of pain and incomprehensible, mumbling chants are occasionally heard from the room, leading workers to whisper that the missionary's soul remains in torment at the place of her death.[4]

TE: 428 Yalian

Princess Alhallie visits Aerlinthe, while on her tour of the provinces. She gathers research for a planned travelogue.[4]

TE 450 Yalian

After the census, Emperor Caerlin announces that Tentael has a population of over one million, most under the age of 400. Aerlinthe's population is less than 100, but nearly 1000 golems work the forges at any time.[4]

TE 463 Yalian

Massive collapse of the Tenkarrdun forge tunnels during a landquake. Four workers are crushed, another sixteen trapped and suffocated. The entire lower quarter of the foundry is cut off. Shifting rock makes reopening the tunnels too risky, and Ejan decides to build a new forge works further up the mountain.[4]

TE 464 Yalian

The new forges are completed. Due to the distance between them and the magma flows, production is less than half of that before the collapse.[4]

TE 477 Yalian

Princess Alhallie joins hands with Lord Cashtal Ronain of Haebrous. Lord Cashtal's last name is changed to Realaidain.[4]

TE 504 Yalian

His Most Dignified and Serene Majesty Emperor Caerlin II, ninth in the Line of Alaidain, dies at the age of 1022 years. Alhallie ascends to the Cerulean Throne, and takes the Imperial Name of Cellaurai (“Consecrated by Starlight”).[4]

TE 513 Yalian

The Great Northern Tempest. Mages hold off the worst of the storm for three days. The Naarcaerel Reef is ripped apart by storm-tides.[4]

TE 622 Yalian

A Skytower arrives at Shimena, and is used to patrol the northeast waters.[4]

TE 664 Yalian

Isin Aemil, child of Aerlinthe, becomes an admiral of the Imperial fleet.[4]

TE 761 Yalian

With the development of practical portal travel by Asheron, Empress Cellaurai declares a new Era has begun. The Torethis Eipoth is concluded, and the Hyrethis Eipoth (Third Era of Lore) begins.[4]


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