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Introduced:  Dance of the Dead Related Quests:  Torgash's Tasks
Non-Player Killer
Torgash Live
Race Male Ruschk
Title Hunter of Knights
Location 94.0N 45.9W in the Shattered Outlands
Level 150
Strength 200
Endurance 180
Coordination 170
Quickness 190
Focus 220
Self 330
Health 290
Stamina 580
Mana 830


  • Route: From Eastwatch, run west to the pass at 93N 47W and the Commander is in the valley side at 93.2N 48.2W.

Lore & Dialog[]

A chill passes through your body, numbing you to the core. For a single moment, you feel like you're going to die from the sensation alone. The Ruschk opens his mouth; his speech comes out in but a whisper...
In your mind, the following information becomes apparent to you. The Ruchk standing before you wishes you to kill 30 of the Viamontian Knights in the valley below. Once this is complete, he wishes you to retrieve a vial from the westernmost Knight Encampment in the valley, near 93.5N, 51.4W. You get the impression that the vial is in a small building, toward the back of the encampment.