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Used to convert Pyreals into something more easily carried. See also Currency

Purchased from Vendors

Uncommon Denominations


  • Trade Notes are sold by a number of vendors, although not all Note denominations are available on some vendors.
  • Trade Notes are no-drop on death and incur a 15% purchase penalty, but may be cashed at any vendor for face value.
  • At Release, Trade Notes were vendor-specific and their cost was face-value. If you returned the Note to the vendor where it was purchased they would give you full face-value for the Note. If you took it to any other vendor you would incur a 15% penalty.
  • In Castling, all vendors were updated to accept every type of trade note denomination.
  • MMD Trade Notes are regularly used as the exchange medium for trade bots at the Marketplace.
  • All denominations of Trade Notes can be purchased from the Arcanum Broker.
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