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Introduced:  The First Strike Related Quests:  Training Academy Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Skill Heritage Training Weapon Academy Weapon
Magic All Training Wand Icon.png Training Wand Academy Wand Icon.png Academy Wand
Missile Weapons Gharu, Lugian, Tumerok, Undead Training Atlatl Icon.png Training Atlatl Academy Atlatl Icon.png Academy Atlatl
Missile Weapons Aluvian, Empyrean, Sho Training Shortbow Icon.png Training Shortbow Academy Shortbow Icon.png Academy Shortbow
Missile Weapons Gearknight, Shadow, Viamontian Light Training Crossbow Icon.png Light Training Crossbow Academy Light Crossbow Icon.png Academy Light Crossbow
Two Handed Combat All Training Spadone Icon.png Training Spadone Academy Spadone Icon.png Academy Spadone
Heavy Weapons Aluvian Training Dirk Icon.png Training Dirk Academy Dirk Icon.png Academy Dirk
Heavy Weapons Empyrean, Viamontian Training Ken Icon.png Training Ken Academy Ken Icon.png Academy Ken
Heavy Weapons Gear Knight, Lugian Training Mace Icon.png Training Mace Academy Mace Icon.png Academy Mace
Heavy Weapons Gharu Training Stick Icon.png Training Stick Academy Stick Icon.png Academy Stick
Heavy Weapons Sho, Shadow Training Cestus Icon.png Training Cestus Academy Cestus Icon.png Academy Cestus
Heavy Weapons Tumerok Training Trident Icon.png Training Trident Academy Trident Icon.png Academy Trident
Heavy Weapons Undead Training Battle Axe Icon.png Training Battle Axe Academy Battle Axe Icon.png Academy Battle Axe
Light Weapons Aluvian Training Dagger Icon.png Training Dagger Academy Dagger Icon.png Academy Dagger
Light Weapons Empyrean, Viamontian Training Broad Sword Icon.png Training Broad Sword Academy Broad Sword Icon.png Academy Broad Sword
Light Weapons Gear Knight, Lugian Training Club Icon.png Training Club Academy Club Icon.png Academy Club
Light Weapons Gharu Training Staff Icon.png Training Staff Academy Staff Icon.png Academy Staff
Light Weapons Sho, Shadow Training Knuckles Icon.png Training Knuckles Academy Knuckles Icon.png Academy Knuckles
Light Weapons Tumerok Training Spear Icon.png Training Spear Academy Spear Icon.png Academy Spear
Light Weapons Undead Training Hand Axe Icon.png Training Hand Axe Academy Hand Axe Icon.png Academy Hand Axe
Finesse Weapons Aluvian Training Knife Icon.png Training Knife Academy Knife Icon.png Academy Knife
Finesse Weapons Empyrean, Viamontian Training Short Sword Icon.png Training Short Sword Academy Short Sword Icon.png Academy Short Sword
Finesse Weapons Gear Knight, Lugian Training Dabus Icon.png Training Dabus Academy Dabus Icon.png Academy Dabus
Finesse Weapons Gharu Training Bastone Icon.png Training Bastone Academy Bastone Icon.png Academy Bastone
Finesse Weapons Sho, Shadow Training Handwraps Icon.png Training Handwraps Academy Handwraps Icon.png Academy Handwraps
Finesse Weapons Tumerok Training Budiaq Icon.png Training Budiaq Academy Budiaq Icon.png Academy Budiaq
Finesse Weapons Undead Training Tungi Icon.png Training Tungi Academy Tungi Icon.png Academy Tungi