Introduced:  Dance of the Dead
Trilaine di Ricard
Non-Player Killer
Trilaine di Ricard Live
Race Male Viamontian
Title Mask Maker
Location 71.8N, 61.2W in Sanamar
Level 150
Strength 120
Endurance 100
Coordination 200
Quickness 140
Focus 200
Self 120
Health 125
Stamina 210
Mana 175


Crafter Turn Ins

Heritage Masks

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Virindi Mask Icon Virindi Mask
The Red Bull Icon The Red Bull
Virindi Consul Mask Icon Virindi Consul Mask
The Royal Bull of Sanamar Icon The Royal Bull of Sanamar
Virindi Desecrator Mask Icon Virindi Desecrator Mask
Karlun's Visage Icon Karlun's Visage
Virindi Inquisitor's Mask Icon Virindi Inquisitor's Mask
The Boar of Cinghalle Icon The Boar of Cinghalle
Virindi Profatrix Mask Icon Virindi Profatrix Mask
The Stag of Bellenesse Icon The Stag of Bellenesse

Lore & Dialog

Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "Greetings, I am Trilaine di Ricard. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you bring me the complete mask from one of those strange and gifted creatures, the Virindi, I can forge for you a piece of Regalia worthy of the ancient Viamont Heroes of lore!"
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "If you seek one of the more common masks or costumes, tied to the Bloodless festivities, I'm afraid you will need to seek out one of their crafters. Such creations are frowned on in Sanamar, so I have not practiced the art of their creation."
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "After some discussion with the Bloodless Mask Makers, I have mastered the ability to turn Virindi Desecrator Masks into my latest Regalia Creation."

You give Trilaine di Ricard Virindi Consul Mask.
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "Ahhh. This material is exquisite. With such beautiful materials at my disposal, I shall create for you a most honored Regalia, the Royal Bull of Sanamar!"
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "Wearing this Regalia is sanctioned by King Varicci II, and is considered a showing of respect to his Royal Line. Enjoy!"
Trilaine di Ricard gives you The Royal Bull of Sanamar.

You give Trilaine di Ricard Virindi Desecrator Mask.
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "I am honored to even hold a mask of such power and grace as this one. From this, the most beautiful things can be created. From such a noble and potent base material, I will, instead of making a heraldic creature, will forge this mask in the very image of Karlun himself!"
Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "Here you go, Karlun's Visage. A most noble and honorable Regalia."
Trilaine di Ricard gives you Karlun's Visage.
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