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Trothyr's Rest Quest
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 20+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Ringoshu the Apple Seller
Starts At: Rithwic
Route: Facility Hub
Repeat: None


Trothyr was mortally wounded by an undead lord in Trothyr's Rest. Reclaim his lost war hammer and shield that the mighty warrior left behind.

  • This quest can be completed with lockpick (skill req. 125) or by purchasing a key from a nearby apple seller.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. If you don't have lockpick head to Rithwic and then run to Ringoshu the Apple Seller at 13.6N, 50.7E. Purchase Trothyr's Rest Key and Trothyr's Rest Rumor for some lore on Trothyr and the dungeon.
  2. Run to 10.3N, 54.9E and enter Trothyr's Rest Or use the Facility Hub portal in the level 20+ room south hall.
  3. From the drop, head east through the doors and left at the split. Jump down into the large room below.
  4. Head west down the ramp and use Trothyr's Rest Key on the door to your right (resistance| 125).
  5. At the next split head left and straight on until you reach a room with a Lich Lord and a chest.
  6. Take the passage next to the chest heading east and tap jump into the room on your right.
  7. From here, go northeast down two ramps and you will come to a room with four ledges.
  8. Jump over to the west side and pick up Trothyr's Shield and Trothyr's War Hammer from the floor.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Trothyr's Rest 10.3N, 54.9E -- 01FD


Exploration Society Icon
Facility Hub Bonus (Level 20+): Show the shield or hammer to the Warden
Experience: 300,000 (Fixed)


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Facility Hub Warden

Warden tells you, "Trothyr was one the first members of the now Queen Elysa's band. Back then she wasn't a Queen, but that's another story."

Warden tells you, "We want you to venture to the resting place of Trothyr and recover his Hammer and Shield. Show me either for a reward."

Warden tells you, "You'll need a key or skill with a lockpick to find what you need. A key can be purchased a bit of a run to the North West of Trothy's Rest."

Warden tells you, "This portal behind me will deliver you to 13.6N, 50.7E where you can buy a key from the merchant."

Warden tells you, "Non Repeatable you're ready to enter the Trothyr's Rest go to 10.3N 54.9E to find the portal."
Showing "Trothyr's War Hammer" to the Warden (Bonus Reward)

You allow Warden to examine your Trothyr's War Hammer.

You've earned 300,000 experience.

Warden tells you, "One of the items that Non Repeatable [sic] belonged to Trothyr himself, this is certainly an excellent find."

Warden tells you, "Here is the reward that was promised. Your quality of work continues to be of the highest tier."

You allow Warden to examine your Trothyr's Shield.

Warden tells you, "I have already rewarded you for recovering one of Trothyr's possessions."

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

Reforging the Past

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