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Introduced:  Crests of a Turbulent Sea Related Quests:  Tumerok Banners Quest Updated:  From Darkness, Light
Tumerok Commander
Tumerok Commander (Reedshark) Live
Class Tumerok
Level 50
XP 10,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier
Attacks Piercing
Weaknesses All
Strength 170
Endurance 180
Coordination 165
Quickness 170
Focus 145
Self 140
Health 160
Stamina 309
Mana 140
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



  • Found in the Reedshark Clan Training Camp.
  • Tumerok Commander that carries and wields items and armor marked with the sign of the Reedshark.
  • During the From Darkness, Light event, this creature's level was adjusted from level 53 to level 50 and its xp was increased from 8,800 to 10,000.