Tumerok Exemplar

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Aun Tumeroks

Dark Majesty

Aun Ralirea

  • Area Messages:

Ralirea sings, "In a distant land my love came to me
Her hair in braid and bow;
And long ago over shining sea
My love was lost in a gate's blue glow.
'Where has she gone?' her mother wails.
'Where has she gone?' she asks of me.
The wind asks 'Where?' in the sails
As ever I search over land and sea.
In a distant land my love was lost.
I seek it still, wherever I go,
through snow and gale and storm and frost:
Just a glimpse,
one more glimpse,
of that gate's blue glow."

Ralirea grasps the small clay figurine that dangles from his neck, and holds it before the flickering light of the fire.

Ralirea pokes the wood of his fire with a stick, and a swarm of embers ascend like fireflies. The hunter watches them, and sighs. "Ever do they fade," he murmurs.

Ralirea looks away toward the distant sea, and murmurs, "Somewhere..."

Ralirea sings, "The falling leaves glow red and gold,
the colors of faded glory,
the colors of faded dreams.
When I was young and strong and bold,
Ere I was old and hoary,
I knew that glory, so red, so gold---
The colors of faded dreams."
  • When attacked:

Ralirea grunts as he swings his harpoon, "[Player Name], I am among the greatest of the Aun hunters. You have little chance against me. Go you on your ways, and leave my party be."
  • If he kills you:
It should not have been this way. [Player Name], go in peace.
  • On death:

The mighty Ralirea sags from [Player Name]'s fatal blow. "Ah, Mirakah," he murmurs. "I shall not be able to fill our stores this winter. But I will meet you at the lodge, my love... at last..." So saying, the hunter passes like the wind over sea.

Hea Tumeroks

Dark Majesty

Hea Kanokeh

  • Area Message:
The relentless pounding of Hea Kanokeh's drum has summoned a nearby Nualuan warrior to join the fight!
  • On Death:
As the drum-speaker Hea Kanokeh falls, the Nualuan warriors of Temenua's party lose heart, and quickly leave the field of battle.

Hea Temenua

  • Area Message:

Hea Temenua says, "Bah."
Hea Temenua says, "The atual arutoa are my keep and my shield."
Hea Temenua says, "The atual arutoa defend me."
Hea Temenua says, "I will walk where the paths the atual arutoa point me toward."
Hea Temenua says, "I will take comfort in the protection of the atual arutoa."
Hea Temenua says, "Karenua? Some help."
  • On Death:

Temenua glances down at the hole that now graces his chest, courtesy of [Player Name]. "Hm," he says, almost offhandedly, as he fingers the edge of the wound. "You were the better. Well played. I pray Tonk will allow me to face you again some day." With this, he carefully lays himself down on the earth, and dies.

Hea Tuperea

  • Area Message:
Tuperea grins ferally at you, "The atual arutoa have taught me the way to remove and cure the flesh of your kind, prey. You will make a beautiful wrap for my wife."
Tuperea grins ferally at you, "Here, my precious hunters! Bring this prey down, and we shall sup upon its flesh."
Tuperea grins ferally at you, "You are meat."
  • When you kill Tuperea's Reedsharks:
The thunder of crushing Manuaka is followed by the deafening silence of death!
Tuperea cries out in dismay as nimble Manuaka falls to your attack!
Huntmaster Tuperea howls in anguish as you release loyal Sahkurea's soul from the prison of her Virindi-augmented body.
You beat Reshalra to a lifeless pulp!
"Reshalra! No!" Tuperea cries as you land a killing blow on the brutish hunting reedshark.
  • On Tuperea's Death:
You flatten Hea Tuperea's body with the force of your assault!
Tuperea staggers and falls to his knees. "Ah, my hunters, my precious children. I shall see you again, some day. Take your fill of my mortal flesh, my dears, and may it make you run strong across these fields."

Renegade Tumeroks

Pillars Made of Sand


  • Global Broadcast:
Niarltah's voice echoes over the land, "Muldaveus, we must flee. The Isparians have overrun our position. Come Morgluuk and Torgluuk, we will take you to the safety of our hidden fortress. Amanua, Fostok, get in here and clean up this tripe!"

War Chief Amanua

  • Sayings:
War Chief Amanua says, "You should have thought of the consequences of your action, Isparian."
War Chief Amanua says, "Mighty spirits watch over my soul. What hope have you to penetrate their protection?"
  • On Death:
[Player Name] has struck a mortal blow to Amanua. As the Tumerok War Chief falls to the ground motionless, his armor snaps free.

Children of the Prodigal Lord

Hea Rheaga

  • Messages:

Hea Rheaga tells you, "Greetings, human. Have you come to slay me? I have divined, through my vast intelligence and penetrating senses, that a human named Nomea in your shantytown of Qalaba'r wishes me dead. Simply because I am a failed experiment of the meddler Aerbax. I can assure you that I pose no threat."
Hea Rheaga tells you, "I have no desire to meet, let alone unite or enslave, my brethren. Nor do I care to wage any kind of war, by arms, sorcery, or guile, against humankind. I have studied enough to know that no good can come of treating with your people."
Hea Rheaga tells you, "If you would slay me, be done with it now. I can assure you, death neither fascinates nor terrifies me. I am not particularly attached to the life I have been given."
Hea Rheaga tells you, "If you would spare me, merely pick up the note you see before me, and deliver it to Nomea. I am convinced it will convince Nomea of my benign intent."
Hea Rheaga tells you, "Be warned, I will fight back if attacked. I am not completely apathetic, after all. I do possess some survival instinct."

Hea Rheaga says, "Is there anyone at all like me? Anyone as unfortunate as me?"

  • On Death:
Hea Rheaga says, "Oh dear... It looks like death is just as boring as the rest of this uninspiring existence..."

Gaining Ground

Banished Tumerok

  • Area Message:
Banished Tumerok prepares for battle.

Fallen Tumerok

  • Area Message:
Fallen Tumerok readies his weapon.
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