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Tunnel of Love Quest
Level: 120
Type: Solo
Starts At: Singularity Caul
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Find a Butterscotch Suckling dropped by Stalking Marguls (very rare drop. Took 1.5 hours killing about 50/hour).
  2. Give the suckling to Xireri at 94.4S 96.6W on Singularity Caul for entrance to the Tunnel of Love, located at 94.4S, 96.6W.
  3. Once inside, the dungeon is linear. If your jump skill is high enough, you can jump from one bridge up to the next, saving you a few mob encounters.
  4. Near the end of the dungeon is an Iron Chest containing A Letter From the Heart. Loot it, and bring A Letter From the Heart to NPC Surloshen Realaidain - 99.7S, 96.7W Located on Singularity Caul Island.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Tunnel of Love 94.4S, 96.6W -- --


Hand in A Letter From the Heart
Experience: 116,000,000 (??% up to level ??)


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Opening Dialog

Xireri pats you on the cheek, stomps its foot, and shakes its head. You surmise that such actions mean the Golem is hungry, and will only grant you access to the Tunnel of Love in exchange for a Butterscotch Suckling, which can usually be found in the possession of the Stalking Margul who occupy the eastern edges of the Singularity Caul.
Handing in "A Letter From the Heart"

You give Xireri Butterscotch Suckling.

Xireri bows deeply, then wiggles its hand and does a little pirouette. You surmise that such actions mean the Golem is thankful for the Butterscotch Suckling, and has now granted you access to the Tunnel of Love.
Picking up "A Letter From the Heart"

From somewhere up above, you hear the grinding of stone on stone as Xireri grows angry. You feel that perhaps you will not be welcome in these tunnels again. That is, until you appease the golem with some more of that tasty Butterscotch Suckling.
Handing in "A Letter From the Heart"

You give Surloshen Realaidain A Letter From the Heart.

Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "This... this... this tells me nothing."

Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "I see that look on your face. You think me in denial, don't you? You believe that my mother was crazy, that she obsessed over a man who did not return her affections. But don't you see? This letter proves nothing! Surely he simply refuses to take responsibility for his actions! Asheron is my father! And there is nothing you can say that will make me believe otherwise!"

Surloshen Realaidain closes his eyes and slowly exhales. The shaking in his body subsides as he calms himself down.

Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "I apologize. I should not have raised my voice. You have done me a great service, and for that I should reward you. Please take this helm. It is too heavy for me. My neck hurts when I wear it."

You've earned 116,000,000 experience.

Surloshen Realaidain gives you Surloshen's Helm.

Surloshen Realaidain slaps himself in the face.

Surloshen Realaidain says, "I told you so!"

Update History

Friend and Foe

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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