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Zone's Lore Timeline...

Asked: 2000.11.19
Name: NeoNewbie
Question Title: Zone's Lore Timeline...
Category: Backstory
Question: The Zone's "Story so far" section lists time as progressing at one Derethian month per real-world month, wheras the actual in-game time on the map screen is more like a year per real-world month. Why the inconsistancy? 0_o

Answered: 2000.11.20
Name: Stormwaltz
Answer: It's impossible for us to keep track of time on the servers. Even if we could, each server's local time could differ from the others by days or weeks, since they're brought down and put back up at different times for patches. Time on the server is really meaningless except for the day/night cycle's lighting changes.

For these reasons, we arbitrarily decided that for the purposes of the story, one month IRL equals one month in game.