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Introduced:  Down Twisting Paths Related Quests:  Pet Shop Quest, Sword of Bellenesse Updated:  Come What Follows
Turien Di Furza
Non-Player Killer
Turien Di Furza Live
Race Male Viamontian
Title Royal Agent
Location 71.8N 61.2W in Sanamar
Level 100
Strength 230
Endurance 200
Coordination 230
Quickness 220
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 170
Stamina 300
Mana 140


Lore & Dialog[]

Turien Di Furza tells you, "Greetings"
Turien Di Furza tells you, "I have been authorized to offer rewards to anyone who can return the blade that was stolen from the Vaults of Sanamar. The blade is gold in color, and bears the markings of the Bellenesse family."
Turien Di Furza tells you, "The craven thief was last sighted near a cave at 71.1 N, 50.2 W and is believed to be hiding within. Find the thief, do justice upon him, and return this blade that was wrongly taken from this Kingdom."
Turien Di Furza tells you, "Bring the blade to me, and your loyalty will be rewarded. Be warned, however. I have heard that both Silyun and some Bloodless in Yaraq also seek this blade. They must not be allowed to gain that which is rightfully Sanamar's."