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Summary table
Tusk Level Req Max XP Title Reward Location Dungeon
Female Tusker Tusk Any 100,000xp Resistance Recruit 2.0N 97.9E Tusker Burrow - Map (from
Male Tusker Tusk Any 200,000xp Resistance Fighter 0.1N 98.1E Tusker Lodge - Map (from
Tusker Crimsonback Tusk 12+ 350,000xp Red Fury 0.4N 97.4E Tusker Cave - Map (from
Goldenback Tusker Tusk 15+ 500,000xp Golden God 1.0N 96.9E Tusker Cavern - Map (from
Tusker Redeemer Tusk 20+ 750,000xp Lightbringer 3.2S 94.9E Tusker Abode - Map (from
Tusker Liberator Tusk 25+ 850,000xp Deliverer 0.5S 95.9E Tusker Habitat - Map (from
Tusker Slave Tusk 30+ 1,000,000xp Chain Breaker 2.3S 95.6E Tusker Quarters - Map (from
Tusker Guard Tusk 40+ 2,500,000xp Morale Smasher 0.3S 90.8E Tusker Barracks - Map (from
Silver Tusker Tusk 45+ 5,000,000xp Silver Serf 1.3N 91.8E Tusker Pits - Map (from
Armored Tusker Tusk 50+ 3,500,000xp Shredder 0.1N 89.4E Tusker Armory - Map (from
Rampager Tusk 60+ 8,000,000xp Heart Ripper 3.5S 85.3E Tusker Holding - Map (from
Plated Tusker Tusk 70+ 6,500,000xp Bloodletter 0.4N 86.4E Tusker Tunnels - Map (from
Assailer Tusk 80+ 11,000,000xp Master of Slaughter 1.3S 86.9E Tusker Honeycombs - Map (from
Devastator Tusk 100+ 20,000,000xp Paragon of Death 9.9S 90.7E Tusker Lacuna - Map (from