Tusker Exemplar

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Assailer (Retired)

  • On death:
The Assailer grunts, Soon... Tusker King... Bobo come!

Corrupted Sovereigns

Dark Bobo

  • Messages:
Dark Bobo whips around swinging a massive fist only inches from your nose.
You strike Dark Bobo so hard he begins to bleed, but his fur knits itself into the wound closing it.
Dark Bobo shakes his head and grunts in annoyance as your blow dazes him.
  • On death:
<Player Name> brings down Dark Bobo with a fatal blow. The dark beast's huge bulk crashes to the ground, his eyes staring at his attackers in dull hatred.
  • On respawn:
Dark Bobo shrieks in pain as he comes into being. A sickening noise like tearing flesh issues from his writhing form as bits of meat and fur seem to crawl up the tremendous figure of bone and sinew.


  • On death:
You only defeated me and the large one through sheer numbers. Think how things would have gone if an army of Tuskers had been behind us. You keep thinking on that human.

Gaining Ground

Banished Tusker

  • Local area broadcast:
Banished Tusker pounds its chest.

Reforging the Past

Trusted Tusker

  • On death:
As the Trusted Tusker is torn asunder its remains reveal a key it had been entrusted with.

Filling in the Blanks

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