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Tyrell Marsan
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Lieutenant Allandal tells you, "He was not such a bad man, in truth. Perhaps given to boasting, but he did not deserve the fate he received."[1]

  • Brigadier in the New Aluvian Army.[2]
  • Originally located in Plateau Village, where he prepared for a march on Teth to help the garrison defend against the Renegades, and asked players to scout out the Viamontian Reinforcements between the Northern Landbridge and the Dires[3]
  • When marching out, he took all his soldiers with him, except Lieutenant Allandal
  • During the Down Twisting Paths patch, he managed to break through the Viamontian Reinforcements (Castle Pietrus and a Tumerok Fort taken over by the Viamontians) who were actually already expecting him[4]
  • He encountered the Viamontian army lead by Count Di Orza before being able to reinforce the garrison at Fort Tethana[2]
  • Instead of directly charging towards each other, the two commanders decided on a parlay, on which also a Renegade Tumerok Tribe nearby wanted to take part[2]. This parlay was also the last what was heard about him by the Aluvians[5][6].
  • Disappeared with the creation of the Shadow March and the destruction of most of the Aluvian and Viamontian Army[2]
  • Most likely killed, or turned into a shadow like the rest of the soldiers[2]
  • Known for boasting and/or being a good storyteller[7]


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