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Character Summary
Ulgrim the Unpleasant Live
Ulgrim the Unpleasant
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Notorious drunk, lover of Stout, and spreader of Rumors.[1] Loves practical and other bad jokes, puns & playing tricks. Not a great fan of Asheron, Elysa or anyone else for that matter, but not too shabby to offer advice and sometimes even real help. Not arrogant at all.

Related to Ardry the Dubious and therefore Aliester the Loquacious[2] [3], often referred to as his uncle to simplify the relationship.

The Merwart often refer to Ulgrim as Angry Grandfather.[4][5][6] He raised the Merwart from the savagery of their Mosswart cousins with a potent, mind-expanding elixir.[4] He taught them coherent speech [7] and learned them the "secret of the Blue Stone" (Lifestone)[8][4] He told them to help humans[9] and uses them as explorers and spies.[10][11][12][5]

Ulgrim's Sword, which was next to Ulgrim the Unpleasant in Ayan Baqur, disappeared during the Cloak of Darkness event. The teaser of that event mentions a bitter old man fighting with a green sword on Asheron's side against the forces of Bael'Zharon[13], which might explain the disappearance of the sword.

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