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Introduced:  Across the Vast Divide Related Quests:  Ulgrim's Bathrobe Quest
Ulgrim the Underhanded
Non-Player Killer
Ulgrim the Underhanded Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Royal Advisor
Location Eastham - 17.7N, 63.2E
Level 50
Strength 160
Endurance 120
Coordination 110
Quickness 120
Focus 180
Self 165
Health 160
Stamina 230
Mana 265


  • One of Ulgrim the Unpleasant's 10 reanimated bodies. They were inadvertently created after he attuned to the broken lifestone in Dryreach and repeatedly died from the explosion caused by his faulty wand.
  • They handed out Splinters of Wood in exchange for their favourite drink. 9 splinters could be given to the real Ulgrim for a Bathrobe.
  • Ulgrim the Underhanded liked Palm Wine.

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