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Ulgrim the Unpleasant
Non-Player Killer
Ulgrim the Unpleasant Live.jpg
Race Male Aluvian
Title Grand Poobah of the Empty Mug
Location 59.7S, 88.0W in Ayan Baqur
Level 50
Strength 160
Endurance 120
Coordination 110
Quickness 120
Focus 180
Self 165
Health 160
Stamina 230
Mana 265


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  • Almost every patch Ulgrim has a handful of unique sayings that relate to that month's content. Some he says if you just talk to him, some he only says if given his favorite beverage, a mug of Stout. Browse the list of patches for each month's sayings. Below are some of his messages that he tends to repeat from month to month.

Repeat Dialog

Interaction Dialog

Update History

Heroes' Respite

  • Ulgrim added.