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From the Singularity Weapons Quest

Ultimate Singularity Greatsword Live

Ultimate Singularity Greatsword

Ultimate Singularity Greatsword Icon Ultimate Singularity Greatsword
A two handed sword imbued with Singularity energy.
Value 0
Burden 450
Restrictions Base Two Handed Combat 325+
Special Properties Virindi Slayer, Attuned, Bonded, Destroyed on Death, Crushing Blow, Biting Strike
Damage 7.65 - 17 (?? - 37), Slashing
Speed 40
Bonus to
Attack Skill
+8% (+23%)
Bonus to
Melee Defense
Spells Blood Drinker VI, Minor Strength, Heart Seeker VI, Strength Other VI
Activations Arcane Lore: 200
Spellcraft 200
Mana 1000, 1/30 sec
Notes: Currently bugged, it does less damage than the Singularity Greatsword and the Bound Singularity Greatsword, when every other weapon does more when upgraded.
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