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Undead Attack on Al-Jalima
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 150+
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Trevor Shunderson (Optional/Seasonal)
Starts At: Burial Temple at 8.5N, 5.9E
Route: Al-Jalima
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • This is a seasonal quest. While the dungeon is available year round, players can only obtain the Enchanted Bone Fragments during the fall season. In addition, the quest NPC, Trevor Shunderson, is removed from Al-Jalima along with the undead raiders, making it impossible to get the experience and title reward.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

Al-Jalima Zombie Incursion[]

  1. Defeat Undead creatures attacking Al-Jalima.
  2. Loot a Decaying Zombie Brain Portion.
  3. Give the decaying brain portion to Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling at 29.4N, 27.2E in Glenden Wood for your rewards.

Al-Jalima Burial Temple[]

  1. Defeat creatures attacking Al-Jalima until you find a Enchanted Bone Fragment. Everyone in the fellowship will need one.
  2. From Al-Jalima, head to the Burial Temple at 8.5N, 5.9E.
  3. From the portal drop, take the North hall. Jump down and hug the left wall until you get to a room with a Sarcophagus in the East end. In the SE corner there is a false wall behind a bench leading to a hidden hallway.
  4. Take the ramp down behind the false wall, make your first left, and open the lever-activated door on the East wall.
    • The lever to open this door is on the North wall in the room to the North.
  5. Each person should hand their Enchanted Bone Fragment to the Warded Portal located in the room behind the lever-activated door to be portaled into the next part.
  6. Work your way through each of the 6 rooms to the Northeast. Each room is separated by attackable Walls that must be knocked down (there are two possible paths, it makes no difference which path you use).
    • Tip: Tusker Fists works well at destroying the doors quickly.
  7. When you get to the final room, you will see Orisis, the boss. Be careful not to hit either of the exit portals (8.5N 5.9E) in the room, there is no way back without using another bone and destroying the walls again. If you have enough people you can fight him in his room, if you are few in number it may be preferably to lure Orisis to a side tunnel. He has very high health.
    • Warning: DO NOT cast vulns on Orisis, he will simply protect over them, requiring you to maintain the vulns just to break even.
    • Warning: Orisis casts several very debilitating vulns and debuffs that cannot be dispelled AT ALL, including spells that can reduce skills by 99%, attributes by 99%, fellow stamina by 50%, 1 Strength, and life vulns ranging from 200% to 300%.
    • Warning: Orisis cannot be resisted, even with a Resister's Crystal (Magic Defense Rare).
  8. Kill Orisis. Loot an Ancient Crest, and one person can loot his Chilling Ebony Staff. There is only 1 staff per kill.
  9. Bring the Ancient Crest to Trevor Shunderson in the middle of Al-Jalima for your rewards.
    • Note: Although Trevor goes away after the seasonal patch ends, bones (if you have any left) can still be used to enter the dungeon where Orisis is located.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Burial Temple 8.5N 6.0E -- 013E
Warded Portal, Into the Darkness N/A 013E 013E.png 013E


Hand in Decaying Zombie Brain Portion to Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling
Experience: 17,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Titles: Zombie Incursion Survivor
Defeat and loot Orisis
Hand in Ancient Crest to Trevor Shunderson
Experience: 165,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Titles: Death Knight



Opening Dialog[]

Trevor Shunderson says, "I came to shoot zombies and chew monougat."
Trevor Shunderson says, "And I'm all out of monougat."
Trevor Shunderson says, "No one's getting up here without a pack of mana charges and a pulse!"
Trevor Shunderson says, "Ooo! Head Shot!"
Trevor Shunderson says, "I got one!"
Trevor Shunderson says, "Take that you dead bastard!"
Trevor Shunderson says, "That's right! You just got sent back to the grave by Trevor's magic!"

Trevor Shunderson tells you, "Oh, thank goodness! I almost shot you. It's good to see another living face. It feels like it's been days since I've seen anyone. How are the rest of the towns? Has the plague spread?"
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "Just Al-Jalima? That's odd. I presumed they had taken over everywhere. I wonder what's so different about Al-Jalima."
Trevor shiver violently.
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "I can't seem to get away from the undead! First that Orisis in Mayoi and now here..."
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "They must be after me!"
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "Well, I'm not going down without a fight! That's why I'm up here on the roof."
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "You better get out of here before they smell your brains."

Handing in Decaying Zombie Brain Portion to Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling[]

You give Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling Decaying Zombie Brain Portion.
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "What is this?"
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "No! I don't eat brains!"
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "What were you thinking?"
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "You must be one of those traumatized survivors of the recent zombie attack."
You've earned 17,000,000 experience.
You have been granted the title of Zombie Incursion Survivor
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "Zombies give me the creeps."
You see Ungrim move his hand towards his mouth.
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "What? Was I going to eat that brain, you ask? Why, would you like some?"
Ungrim the Unpleasant Smelling tells you, "... err, I mean, I was just about to dispose of it, don't want to leave these things just laying around."

Handing in Ancient Crest to Trevor Shunderson[]

Trevor Shunderson tells you, "This is from that Orisis fiend? I was running the news in Mayoi when he came to town. I knew he was bad news right from the start, but nobody wanted to hear it. They were all caught up in his sob story about being a poor helpless undead. If only those fools had listened to me..."
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "Well, that's all in the past eh?"
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "There do seem to be fewer undead now. For helping to clean up Al-Jalima I award you the title "Death Knight"."
Trevor looks around and in a whisper tells you some secrets to fighting the undead.
Trevor Shunderson tells you, "... and remember never ever give one of those to an undead. Ever."
You've earned 165,000,000 experience.

Update History[]

Masked Memories

  • Quest introduced.