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A diligent adventurer lays steel to his monstrous foe, and as it topples, a rising hum suffuses the air. A rainbow-hued nebula swirls all about, and cascades upward, then fragments and dissolves as the hum itself breaks in a fading tinkle as of distant chimes. Something has been achieved, but what exactly, and who or what deigns to recognize it? -- Nimbus of Many Colors


Welcome to An Adventurer's leveling guide. My guide has an emphasis on questing, completing content intended for your level range, and completing that content within your own means. This means that my guide assumes you are not using buff bots, top-end tinkered equipment, or have a high level helping you complete everything. This is not a guide that simply tells you where to farm for the highest exp. If you enjoy being self-sufficient, questing solo or in small groups, and are more interested in exploring and having a fun time rather than grinding in dungeons, this guide is for you.

How to use this guide

Quests are broken up into level ranges. I have placed them based on the following criteria:

  • Level restriction - If a quest has a level restriction, it is going to be placed on the page where its level restriction falls (if not higher)
  • Difficulty / Level recommendation - If a quest has no level restriction, or is much more difficult than its restriction, it will be placed in the lowest level range that seems appropriate
  • Experience rewards - A lot of quests use a percentage to next level with a cap as their reward. For lower levels especially, quests will generally be placed in the range where they reach their cap. This ensures that you will be getting the most out of the reward.
  • Equipment rewards - If a quest's equipment reward is particularly useful at a certain level range, it may be placed there even if the experience reward is low or not near its maximum value.