Welcome to my guide here I hope to explain Damage Over Time spells, how they work, and how to efficiently use them when playing a Void mage.

What is Damage Over Time

Damage over time spells are exactly what they sound like. Instead of direct damage (like war magic) these spells last a specified amount of time, and tick away health every 3-4 seconds.

List of Spells

Player Castable Spells

Void Magic

  • Destructive Curse (Spell) - Slavu Bor - Up to 357 points of health over 30 seconds.
    • Direct Cast, Very short range (10.9yds)
  • Corrosion (Spell) - Zojak Bor - Up to 448 points of damage over 15 seconds.
    • Bolt type spell, slow moving
  • Corruption (Spell) - Jevak Bor - Up to 357 points of damage over 30 seconds.
    • Blast type spell, shoots 5 bolts outwards


Creature Only Spells

Burning Sands Infliction - Cast by Burning Sands Golem

How to decrease the damage of incoming DoT spells

Currently, there are two ways to mitigate incoming damage from DoT spells.

How to increase the damage of outgoing DoT spells

Currently, there are 2 ways to increase outgoing damage from DoT spells.

Playing your Void Mage efficiently

More DoTs = More Damage

Adding to Void's interesting repertoire is the ability to increase damage for anyone attacking the target that a void mage has landed DoTs upon.

Each DoT applied adds an incoming damage modifier to the target. With all 3 level 8 DoTs applied to a target, the target will give +27 damage Rating to anyone attacking it. (This translates to roughly 21% damage boost, see Noworries' post on the official forums)

In group fights, the void mage plays somewhat of a support role in increasing the damage of the entire fellowship.

High Health Target

When fighting against a single high health target, efficiently managing your DoTs can maximize your damage output. The idea is to have your DoTs continually ticking away while you throw in nether bolts when possible. Take into account that Destructive Curse, and Corruption both last for 30 seconds, and Corrosion lasts for 15. Also, the wind up speed for a level 7 or 8 spell is 4 seconds.

Below is an efficient cast order that is repeatable. Managing mana and stamina will cause you to break this loop up, I would suggest trying to fit the stamina to mana, and revitalize spells in place of nether bolts as not to have your dots drop off.

Cast Order Time Remaining
Destructive Curse 30s 26s 22s 18s 14s 10s 6s 2s
Corruption 30s 26s 22s 18s 14s 10s 6s
Corrosion 15s 11s 7s 3s
Nether Bolt 0s
Nether Bolt 0s
Nether Bolt 0s
Corrosion 15s 11s
Nether Bolt 0s

Multiple Low Health Targets

Try to position your targets in front of you, this way your blast type spells can hit multiple targets. Once your targets are in front of you, use your Corruption spell to get multiple dots going. Now you can either hit each individual with Corrosion, or Destructive Curse and watch them die, or you can use the Nether Blast or Clouded Soul spell to deal direct damage to your already "corrupted" targets. If completely surrounded, it may benefit you to use your Corruption spell in multiple directions to deal damage to the whole group before using Clouded Soul.


  • Festering Curse - Lowers the amount of health regained via spells, heal kits, or potions on the target. Not very useful in pvm yet.
  • Weakening Curse - Lowers the damage output of the target. Useful on boss type creatures that do a lot of damage such as Undead Commanders. Try to fit them in whenever the situation calls for it.

PVP Notes

  • Destructive Curse is a direct cast spell, and not dodge-able up close, however the range is very small, and can be avoided easily.
  • DoTs only do 50% of their damage versus a player opponent, but still retain the 21% damage increase.
  • DoTs will persist through the caster's death.
  • Whenever possible throw a Festering Curse on your opponent to shut down his ability to heal through your DoTs.


Q: Do DoTs stack with each other?
A: Yes, each DoT applied to your opponent will increase the amount of damage ticked away.

Q: Can DoT spells have a critical strike?
A: No, DoTs will always do the same amount of damage.

Q: Are DoT spells affected by Damage Rating, or Damage Bonuses on wands?
A: Yes! The higher the damage rating and damage bonus of the caster the more damage they will do!

Q: Do Magic Absorbing Shields, Dark Bows, or Tomes decrease DoT damage.
A: No, they have no effect against damage over time spells, however will mitigate the direct damage void attacks.

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