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I've been playing AC on Wintersebb since February 2001. Sanddh is my main there (tank archeress), but I tend to switch characters a lot...

Ongoing projects on the Wiki are:

  • "How looks that dyed". Though it is known how, and what parts are, dyed for loot armor, sometimes Quest and Vendor bought armor & clothing looks different when dyed. Also, with the introduction of ToD, many looks changed, and need to be documented again. This is currently my biggest project.
    • Mostly working on the loot armor (See Category:Loot Armor Type )
    • The limit of what I can put in is the dye I have available. Though it´s kinda fun to randomly run around Dereth depending on what plant stock is the lowest, it sometimes is a bit frustrating. If you have loads of spare dyes or plants you are willing to part with and play on WE, plz give me a shout ingame ;).
  • Lately, I've been playing around in the Lore section, trying to get info on Lore Characters, Places and Events together, with the right references of course ;).
  • And always cleaning category for category to try to get the most recent templates in...

Past Projects included:

  • Getting all Vendors ingame in, including their inventory, and overhauling the ones already - except a wilderness / outskirt vendor here or there, I think most Shopkeepers are in now.
  • Cooking & other Crafting: Ingredients & Recipes - kinda finished, will keep an eye on updates & details
  • Helping to get the Towns pages completed - almost finished I think, the sections about Landscape POIs and Creatures usually still need the most work.
  • Getting all the POIs of the Ingame Map onto the Points of Interest Map - done, with some question marks. Now all is left are all the other POIs.....

Unfortunately, due to a full-time job plus free-lance projects, my time is limited.

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