The 2010-11 patch, From Darkness, Light, added Luminance and additional augmentations that can be gained by using Luminance. I'm trying to determine the properties used for each, which will take a while. You can select yourself and use Virindi Tank's /vt propertydump to view your properties. Doing this before and after getting a new augmentation and then noting the changes will help identify which is which. For example, the line "[VTank] (I) 331: 1" indicates that you have 1 Aura of Valor augmentation.

Integer32 Properties

Hex Decimal Description
00c7 House Purchase Date
0106 Number of titles earned
0107 Resistance cleaving damage type
0109 Armor Set
010b Total seconds that this item will exist
010c Remaining seconds that this item will exist
010e Wield Requirement 2 - Type (i.e. Mana-infused Acid War Staff of Aerfalle)
010f Wield Requirement 2 - Attribute
0110 Wield Requirement 2 - Value
0117 Can only carry this many of the item?
0119 Society - 1: Celestial Hand, 2: Eldrytch Web, 3: Radiant Blood
011f Celestial Hand Society Standing?
0120 Eldrytch Web Society Standing
0121 Radiant Blood Society Standing
0124 Cleaving Enemy Count
0125 Augmentation: Tristra's Essence
0126 Augmentation: Infused Creature
0127 Augmentation: Infused Item
0128 Augmentation: Infused Life
0129 Augmentation: Infused War
012a Augmentation: Eye of the Remorseless
012b Augmentation: Hand of the Remorseless
012c Augmentaiton: Master of the Steel Circle (melee +10)
012d Augmentation: Master of the Focused Eye (missile +10)
012e Augmentation: Master of the Four Fold Path
0135 Augmentation: Frenzy of the Slayer
0136 Augmentation: Iron Skin of the Invincible
013f Max Item Level?
0140 Current Item Level?
0142 Unlocked Aetheria Slots - 1: Blue, 2: Yellow, 4: Red
0146 Augmentation: Jack of All Trades
0149 329 Luminance Aug: ???
014a 330 Luminance Aug: ???
014b 331 Luminance Aug: ???
014d 333 Luminance Aug: Aura of Valor (damage rating)
014e 334 Luminance Aug: Aura of Protection (damage reduction), Aura of Invulnerability
014f 335 Luminance Aug: Aura of Glory (critical damage)
0150 336 Luminance Aug: Aura of Temperance (critical damage reduction)
0152 338 Luminance Aug: Aura of Aetheric Vision (aetheric surge)
0153 339 Luminance Aug: Aura of Mana Flow
0154 340 Luminance Aug: ???
0156 342 Luminance Aug: Aura of Purity (healing)
0157 343 Luminance Aug: Aura of the Craftsman
0158 344 Luminance Aug: Aura of Specialization (Adja)
0161 Weapon Type
0162 Melee Mastery
0163 Ranged Mastery

Integer64 Properties

Hex Decimal Description
03 3 Augmentation Gem Experience Cost
04 4 Total item xp?
05 5 item xp of some sort?
06 6 Current Luminance
07 7 Maximum Luminance

Float64 Properties

Hex Decimal Description
0118 Portal gem cooldown timer?

String Properties

Hex Decimal Description
2f Allegiance Name

Boolean Properties

Hex Decimal Description
6c Is Rare?
7f 2010-11 - has shown temple reset text?
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