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Hi Tlosk, I think you fixed this for me once before, but my contribution history seems to have been merged with someone else's (ASHERON-Joe). Maybe it happened during one of the server moves? His edits are from 2007-2008. My edits start in 2009. Sorry for the trouble! --Jaguar 00:59, 14 May 2013 (EST)


Would you do me a kindness please Tlosk and create an account for me on the acpedia wiki? will contributions be sorted over there do you know? I would actually like my user on here to be changed to Nevroth that possible? if so, can you use that name over on acpedia and Arkalor if it's not possible for a change at this point.

also, what is happening with the loot pages, I noticed my old crappy tier pages have been relinked to in the sidebar?

thank you sir ---Ash 11:09, 13 October 2013 (EST)

Changes to the Quest Summary template

Hi Tlosk,

I thought we could have a slimmed down and tidier summary table and keep reward info in the body of the page neatly in one section and do away with the repeated info in the table (I wanted to subcategorise by level req. also so players could just quickly find what quests they can access).

I read through the old notes back when the template was made and saw that the Lore & Dialog section was meant for lore and story info in addition to quest dialog, but I counted no more than 5 guides that had story info that people had taken the time to add (one was a half hearted attempt by me) - so I renamed it to just "Dialog". Some users have entered story elements in the overview section. I removed the gold text, as I really think it looks messy now and doesn't make the text that much easier to read to be honest - plus it would be so much easier to just copy and paste text and then use colons for indents/line breaks.

I used the name quest summary temp for the changes so as not to mess with new guides and then when I reached the most recent quests, I was going to move the template over to the correct name and then do a text replace on the guides.

Hopefully you don't hate my tweaks haha.

oh, Merry Christmas! ---Ash 14:11, 25 December 2013 (EST)

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