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Dericoi Eipoth Rhethis Eipoth

The third age of the Yalaini. Vacari Eipoth translates to Age of Contentment. This era lasted 6102 years.[1][2][3]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
-8,999 PY VE 1 Yalain

Empress Alaidain declares the beginning of the Vacari Eipoth after the defeat and occupation of Dericost.[1]

This era is a peaceful time, and subsequent Empyrean generations look back on this period fondly.[2]


With their lands largely untouched by the war, the Yalaini initiate a worldwide rebuilding program.[2]

Haebrous, Yalain

Kingdom of Haebrous amalgamates into the Seaborne Empire.[1] The influence of the Yalaini will eventually cause the Haebrous to lose their unique cultural identity.[2]

Dericost, Yalain

The living Dericost nobility are marched away in chains from the Plateau of Gelid to reservations in the Haebrous lands. The common folk of the Dericost Kingdom are allowed to remain in their homelands.[2]

-2,998 PY VE 6,002 All

A meteorological phenomenon known as the Black Rains begin.[4] It has been said that the Empyreans ignored the celestial fiery visitor seen in the night skies until, one night, it completely disappeared. Soon afterward, roiling black clouds raining ash and soot darkened the skies.

The Yalaini see the darkness enveloping the world as a sign that the Light has rejected them. Yalaini Elders blame the Dericost for this event.

With the world cooling, crops wither and die. Although there's abundant food in the storehouses, Yalaini only give the Dericost the barest amount of food to survive.

Food shortages strike particularly hard at the village of Daralet, located on the fringes of the Yalaini Empire. With his son on the verge of starvation, Ilservian Palatacost, a mage of Dericost ancestry, a demands that the Yalaini Elders share their food. They refuse and have the mage and his followers run out of the village. Ilservian's son dies soon thereafter.[3][1]

-2,953 PY VE 6047 Dericost, Shadow

During an extremely violent storm, Ilservian, having vowed to return light to the world and finding none, in despair now calls out to the darkness for aid instead. Something in the darkness answers, offering him and his followers power and a means to obtain revenge. Ilservian agrees and steps into Shadow.[3]

-2,918 PY VE 6,082 All

Almost 80 years after the sun was last seen, a single shaft of sunlight pokes through the clouds of dust and ash.[3]

-2,898 PY VE 6,102 All

Twenty years later, the skies are finally cleared. With the end of the Black Rains, Emperor Kellin I declares a new age for the Empire.[3]

[Editor's Note: The History of Auberean states that Caelin I declared the end of the Vacari Eipoth. For more information, see Continuity - Kellin I and Caerlin I]


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