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  • In HE 347, Nali Valind decrees that the Sisters of Ithaenc a. k. a. the Adjanite Order are irreversibly contaminated by the teachings of the Falatacot and declares them heretics.[2] She called out for the extirpation of the Adjanite heretics, and Ithaenc Cathedral was sacked and desecrated.[1] The pilgrims that answer Valind's call slaughtered the Sisters, putting some to the sword while others were burned at the stake. The only thing left behind by the crusaders was the shattered shell of the Ithaenc Cathedral.[2]
  • This led to the disappearance of the last Gromnatross, Aurlanaa, from Aerlinthe in HE 348.[3][1] All of the crusaders were killed by the Gromnatross, except Valind, who did not visit the Gromnatross and therefore was spared incineration and returned to her home amongst the Yalain.[4]
  • Though Kellin II found out about the Falatacot Magic behind Asheron's long life, he never informed Nali Valind about it.[5]


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