Introduced:  Shattering the Dark Related Quests:  Mukkir Aspect of Grael
Non-Player Killer
Varetha Live
Race Shadow
Title Emissary of Isin Dule
Location 44.3S 62.5W
Level 200
Strength 340
Endurance 520
Coordination 340
Quickness 320
Focus 400
Self 400
Health 4010
Stamina 870
Mana 700


  • Route: Take the Obsidian Rim portal at Caul drop and run east, then north to 44.3S 62.5W.


Varetha touches your forehead, sending a dark chill throughout your body.

Varetha tells you, "My Lord, Isin Dule, has sent me to aid you in the containing of the Mukkir Aspect of Grael. Though it will be a difficult thing to accomplish, this can be done. To do so, however, we will need to gather the proper tools."

Varetha tells you, "There is a Shadow Stone, created in Black Ferah's experiments, that should do nicely. I have managed to locate the stone, but so have Grael's followers. Gather this stone for me, and I should be able to modify it to hold Grael's Mukkir Aspect for a time. I will attune you to the defenses of the location..."

Varetha tells you, "You will find the stone at 39.1 S, 60.1 W. Go there and retrieve the stone. While you are gone, I will prepare what I need to modify it."

Varetha tells you, "Bring the Token to the representative your Monarchs have set out to guide this task. They wished to be informed when one aided in Grael's defeat. I'm sure they have some sort of reward for you as well."

Varetha tells you, "Greetings to you, Slayer of the Black Spear. The Mukkir Aspect has not yet managed to escape the trap we laid for it. It will not last forever, though. Check in from time to time. If he has let slip his bonds, I will have work for you again."


  • The original entry here names Varetha as a Female Aluvian (source missing), which would indicate that she would be one of the Raven Hand Cultists who chose to follow Isin Dule.[1]
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