Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Chasing Oswald
Varette's Orders
Varette's Orders Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
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  • A note found on a dead Viamontian.

Captain Varette,
We have received reports of the assassin Oswald. We have it on good authority that he plans to visit the ice folk in one of their frozen forts. Bring a hundred strong swords with you to the Ruschk ice fortress at 87.3N, 51.8W . Surround the portal to make sure Oswald has no escape. You yourself are ordered to go into the fortress with as many men as you see fit to arrest and capture Oswald. Bring him to our most secure prison, on the Isle of Ruin.
Do not fail me as your cousin Lugo did, Captain.


You give Huntsman of Silyun Varette's Orders.

Huntsman of Silyun tells you, "And this is the evidence of Oswald that you found in the Ruschk Icehold? Interesting, indeed. So Varicci seeks the assassin for his own purposes. If the King's soldiers have captured Oswald, then they would have taken him to the Royal Prison. That grim dungeon is located at 92.0N, 41.6W. Please go there and see if Oswald is, indeed, in captivity."

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