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Varicci di Corcosi
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Son of Varicci di Corcosi and Queen Sabella[1], the Crown Prince of Viamont when he was on Ispar.[2], elder brother of Prince Renlen who was slain by Eleonora du Bellenesse during a Tournament.[3] Founder and King of New Viamont on Dereth, located on the Halaetan Isles.[1]

On Ispar

After a series of royalist victories, the Crown Prince brought his army into the lands of the Duke of Bellenesse and laid siege to the Duke's fortress. In that battle, facing total defeat, the Duke took his surviving vassals and soldiers through a portal that had appeared within the castle. It did not take long for the Prince to take his own army through the portal to continue the pursuit.[2] [4]

In Dereth

In Dereth, Varicci founded the town of Sanamar, taking up residence in the Royal Hall. [1][5]

Varicci di Corcosi II and the army of Viamont ambushed Eleonora du Bellenesse and killed her. After her death, Varicci II had her heart cut out. They captured Carlo di Cenza and Sir Bellas. Though Carlo di Cenza managed to escape, experiments turned sir Bellas into a monstrosity.[6][7][8][9]

After the Fiun Barrier disappeared and the Rebellion seemed to be surpressed, the Viamontians, under leadership of Varicci and his cousin General Corcima di Corcosa[1] conquered first the Towns on Marae Lassel, and went to war with the other Isparians.[10][11][12] During this war, Varicci offered help to the besieged Aluvian forces of Fort Tethana, led by Jared Kurth.[13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Under the leadership of Varicci, the Viamont undertook many magical experiments, mainly led by the "Chief Thamaturgical Counsellor", Count Dardante.[18] This resulted, amongst others, in the converting of Sir Bellas and Jared Kurth.[19] After the experiments with the summoning of Grael went wrong, the King put Count Ranarre in command of the [Ordina Rossu Morta]].[20][21]

Oswald brought the Ordina Rossu Morta and Whispering Blade together to fight against Grael.[22] Queen Elysa and King Varicci II decided to cooperate and slay each one of Grael´s aspects separately.[23][24] Since that time, a truce exists between New Viamont and New Aluvia.

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