Virindi's Note
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  • Value: 50
  • Burden: 25
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • A translation of a Virindi's writtings.
Thousands of years after Bael'Zharon was imprisoned by Asheron, the magical energies of the world are still in a state of flux. But now, on the three thousandth year of his entrapment, with the coming of the darkness, it is time to set the energies right once again. The stones imprisoning the dark god will be at its weakest in the coming times. Research has shown us that there are 'soul stones' buried deep within the ground and they are what is keeping Bael'Zharon bound to the crystal. If we could destroy these stones, there is the chance that he would be freed. Perhaps it is time we act...
-- A Virindi


You give Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator Slimy Note.

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "Oh dear..."

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "This doesn't bode well. No, not at all. Take a look for yourself."

Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator gives you Virindi's Note.

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