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Introduced:  Lost in the New Horizon Updated:  A Perfect Paradox
Virindi Inquisitor
Virindi Inquisitor Live
Class Virindi
Level 100
XP 80,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier
Attacks Slash
Weaknesses Fire, Slash
Strength 250
Endurance 200
Coordination 250
Quickness 290
Focus 300
Self 300
Health 500
Stamina 600
Mana 700
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack 502
Melee Defense 480
Missile Attack
Missile Defense 498
Magic Attack 325
Magic Defense 336



  • On death:

As you deal the fatal blow to the Virindi Inquisitor, its luridly colored form collapses silently to the ground. Behind the black mask, just for a moment, a swirling mass appears, then blinks out of existence. A dissonant alien voice whispers, "Vulgar flesh puppet! The Quiddity should not have decided to spare your kind!"
Spawn Map Base
Virindi Inquisitor Spawns

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