Introduced:  Gears of Change
Virindi Inquisitor Essence
Virindi Inquisitor Essence Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 10
  • Spells: Virindi Whisper IV
  • Cooldown When Used: 30 seconds
  • Number of uses remaining: Unlimited
  • Activation requires Deception: 175
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • This essence is eternal. Use this essence to increase your Arcane Lore by 32.
Virindi Essences Live

Virindi Inquisitor Essence


  • Requires Item Tinkering to make. Usable by anyone with the required Deception.
  • Spell Duration: 60 sec
  • Stacks with all other spells.
  • Remains in your inventory, use to cast spell yourself.


Smelting Pot, Sheet Metal Form, Jeweler's Hand Saw, Lapping Plate
(1) Pyreal Scarab, (1) Red Jewel
(1) Virindi Inquisitor Essence
  • Steps:
  1. Use Smelting Pot on Pyreal Scarab to create Smelting Pot of Pyreal.
    • Smelting Pot Icon + Pyreal Scarab Icon = Smelting Pot of Pyreal Icon
  2. Use Smelting Pot of Pyreal on Sheet Metal Form to create Sheet Metal (Pyreal).
    • Smelting Pot of Pyreal Icon + Sheet Metal Form Icon = Sheet Metal (Pyreal) Icon
  3. Use Jeweler's Hand Saw on Sheet Metal (Pyreal) to create Pyreal Setting.
    • Jeweler's Hand Saw Icon + Sheet Metal (Pyreal) Icon = Pyreal Setting Icon
  4. Use Lapping Plate on Red Jewel to create Cut Red Gem.
    • Lapping Plate Icon + Red Jewel Icon = Cut Red Gem Icon
  5. Use Cut Red Gem on Pyreal Setting to create Virindi Inquisitor Essence.
    • Cut Red Gem Icon + Pyreal Setting Icon = Virindi Inquisitor Essence Icon

You smelt the Pyreal Scarab in the Smelting Pot.

You pour the Pyreal into the Sheet Mold.

You cut a Pyreal setting with the Jeweler's Saw.

You use the lapping plate to cut the Red Gem.

You set the Cut Red Gem in the Pyreal Setting.
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