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Introduced:  The Slumbering Giant
Virindi Profane
Virindi Profane Live
Class Virindi
Level 100
XP 80,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier
Attacks Slash
Weaknesses Fire, Slash
Strength 240
Endurance 220
Coordination 260
Quickness 280
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 500
Stamina 650
Mana 650
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense 368
Missile Attack
Missile Defense 390
Magic Attack 300
Magic Defense 311



Spawn Map Base
Virindi Profane Spawns

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Virindi Profane is reduced to cinders!
Virindi Profane tells you, "Nothing can stop the swelling tide of the storms wreathed in darkness. We shall rise as one again, your ilk will be cleansed."

Virindi Profane is reduced to cinders!

As the virindi's cloak flutters to the ground an overwhelming sense of dread and fear washes over you. For a second you feel as though millions of eyes have focus upon you from the same entity.