Introduced:  Dispatch Related Quests:  Disturbance in the Ley Lines
Visage of Menilesh
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Visage of Menilesh


  • While this mask doesn't have a 150 level req on the mask itself, it's impossible to get the mask below 150.
  • Given by Lord Rytheran in exchange for the Ring of Remembrance or on his corpse if you decide to kill him.
You give Lord Rytheran Ring of Remembrance.
Lord Rytheran tells you, "Ah, a keepsake from my lady love... At last, a memory that will bring me some warmth in this eternal darkness. Take this mnemosyne, and my mask of office... And go. Leave me to my memories."
Lord Rytheran gives you Rytheran's Mnemosyne.
Lord Rytheran gives you Visage of Menilesh.
You give Zho Heishan Visage of Menilesh.
Zho Heishan tells you, "This mask is... breathtaking. It once belonged to Lord Rytheran himself? Truly a precious artifact. If you do not want it, I can grant you some practical experience for it."
You've earned 22,392,612 experience. (Level 163)
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